Tuesday, October 11, 2011

We're Talkin' Baseball.....

We're having quite a month of sports here in Wisconsin!  Our beloved Packers are at 5-0, the Badgers (UW football team, for those who don't follow college sports) are also 5-0 and the Milwaukee Brewers are in the running for the World Series for the first time since 1982.  It's quite safe to say that sports fever has spread to even the least athletic among us, including me (just a little).  :D

I don't really follow sports and it wouldn't be untrue to say that I'm a pretty fair-weather fan.  That is to say, I'm tickled pink when the Pack goes to the Super Bowl, the Badgers get to the Rose Bowl, or the Brewers would win the World Series.  That would be pretty neat.

Baseball fever has hit our area especially hard.  Fond du Lac isn't that far away from Milwaukee (only 58 miles) and quite a few of my friends are season ticket holders.  My Facebook wall is awash in "GO BREW CREW!" pleas or cries or hopes, or all three.  I hope for the sake of a positive outlook that they go all the way.

As with most things, I'm more interested in the history behind some things rather than those things themselves.  Take this awesome paper baseball game, for example!  It was put out by Kitchen Klenzer, a scouring agent along the lines of Bon Ami or Comet (later).  I love it.  The entire game cost me $3 at our local antique store.  It looks to be in pretty good condition, but if it included an actual ball diamond at one point, it's lost to the ages.  The players, score numbers, score-keeper and spinners are all here, though!  I checked Ebay to see if I could find anything similar and the closest I came was the envelope that the game would've arrived in - and for THAT, they're asking $12.95!  So I think I got a pretty sweet deal for my 3 bucks.

This next bit of ephemera is also WAY cool. I got it from my friend Robin - at first I didn't know what the paper was for but she explained that it's baseball score-keeping paper.  Ah, yes!  NOW I see it!  The runs, the hits, the RBIs, the outs, the balls, the walks - I don't know what any of it means, but I've at least heard all of these terms and I know the basic gist of the game.

I have actually made one ATC that pertains to baseball!  I used some numbers from the aforementioned Kitchen Klenzer game, an old matchbook and a BB Bats candy wrapper - remember those?  They were like Slo-Pokes, only even less edible.  :D  I stitched around the card with red thread, just like a baseball.

Go BadgBrewPack!

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