Friday, October 14, 2011

Serendipitous Ephemera

If you're a regular reader of this blog, you're probably sick of me extolling the virtues of estate sales by now.  I do speak of them often - I can't help it!  I just love them.

And one of the reasons I love them so much is because of stuff like this.  Back in the summer I attended an estate sale and found this envelope under a pile of other stuff in the garage.  I just really enjoyed the envelope and didn't expect to find THIS:

Yes, the complete plan to make this AMAZING dollhouse.  Just look at it!  It's marvelous!  The plans are from mid-October of 1976, which would've been only a week or so after my 8th birthday.  I would've KILLED for this house back then, but I appreciate it more now.  :D

I've always been a lover of anything miniature or dollhouse related.  I never really played with dolls - in fact, my sister Jen and I would get into fits of hysterical laughter by posing the dolls in hilarious (and completely innocent) poses.  One time she hung the dollhouse people from the second floor from their feet like bats; I am nearly in tears just thinking about it now, it still makes me laugh so hard.  No, what I realize now is that those miniatures were laying the groundwork for both of our loves of interior design.

Close-up of dollhouse in plan
About a month ago, Jen called me to check out this challenge, whereby you decorate a mini space of your choosing.  In January there will be a gallery party and everyone who can will convene in L.A. to show off their  mini worlds.  I seriously doubt a trip to L.A. is in Jen's or my future, and we may not even have it done by the deadline of December 15, but DANG!  I want to attempt this house (with Brian's tool skills for assistance).  :D

Never mind that Jen got me THIS for my birthday, too!  :D

CB2's "Neville" house - isn't it AWESOME?!

Getting this wonderful little chalet for my birthday and seeing these plans again made me realize how totally serendipitous estate sales are. (I suppose you could say the same about garage (tag) sales too, but people usually aren't selling their whole lives at those sales.)  What if I hadn't noticed the envelope?  What if I hadn't attended the sale that day?  With this particular piece of ephemera, I think I'm safe in saying that had I not seen this on that particular day I would never have run into it ever again - especially since I got the ENTIRE thing for - wait for it - 75 cents.

Maybe it's a sign that Jen and I HAVE to make this dollhouse, even if it takes us five years and a zillion dollars. Here's one piece of ephemera that may have a lasting impact on our lives in a very fun way!

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