Tuesday, October 18, 2011


Or should I say, "hosiery"?  There's a word you just don't hear anymore! :D

I just got this lot of labels - aren't they wonderful?  I love everything about them - the color, the fonts, the very Art Deco style to them.

For the last 10 years or so, women (at least in this country) have gone bare-legged rather than wear "nylons".  Sure, patterned tights have made a bit of a comeback but for the most part you're expected to wear nothing.  For women my age and older, this is so unusual!  We were brought up wearing pantyhose or stockings.  My Grammie waited out the entire war just for the luxury of wearing nylons again!  And let me tell you - when you live in Wisconsin, any layers are better than bare legs in January!

I'm a pants-wearer from way back.  I love the idea of dresses (one look at my "Style" pinboard on Pinterest will show this - mainly vintage and vintage-inspired, of course!) but I'm short and I have short legs so very few styles work for me.  I am also not a size 6 so I wind up looking like a toddler in most styles.  :D  One of the greatest thing about pants is not having to deal with pantyhose!

On the other hand, it is lovely to not have to deal with the discomfort of nylons when it's 85 degrees out.  I wonder if they'll ever make a comeback, or if "natural" will rule fashion in the decades to come?

I don't have much artwork with women in dresses, but I'll bet that in 1954 (the year this ad for garden chemicals came out) you didn't dare use DDT on your roses without pantyhose on!  :D

"Tending the Roses" commissioned collage


  1. I've got to admit I track down vintage hose and also have found some sensibly priced current companies that make them.
    I always hated pantyhose because one run and there you go--money gone! Plus being tall, impossible to fit.
    The old hosiery packages were a work of art in themselves, and it's always fun to find a gem at a second hand store.
    My legs never go bare....ACK!!! (probably be put in jail....)
    Love your post!


  2. I remember getting my first garter belt to wear my nylons! And shaving legs and then a girdle! What rites of passage there were so many years ago. I think that such milestones are so important.

  3. Holy Garter Belts! I remember using up a lot of nail polish to keep those runners from moving down where they could be seen. They would end up being big holes before I got rid of them - couldn't afford to buy many stockings in those days and I refused to wear knee socks or bobby socks after a certain age. It was hard to be a Tomboy who liked to wear nylons!