Wednesday, October 12, 2011

I Want Candy....

Last Friday, I turned 43.  Looking in my cupboards, however, you'd think I was 11.

I REALLY like candy.  I've never gotten away from it.  I love chocolate, as I think the majority of my gender does (and especially women my age).  But I also love candy candy, like fruit chews and nougats and all manner of sweet (or horrifically sour) confections.

About four years ago we still had a candy store on Main Street here in Fondy.  Unfortunately, the store had to close because its elderly owners suffered health problems.  They not only made their own chocolates, but they also carried all manner of old-timey penny candies, like those candy dots on paper and those wax bottles filled with liquid.  Remember those?  Chances are you do, if you're over the age of about 35.

I loved all of those things, of course, but what I really loved were the individually wrapped candies, like the Mary Janes.  Now here's an old candy brand!  I love the red and yellow wrapper and I would buy them just for the collage factor (scroll down to see the collage I made with the wrappers and a vintage Mary Jane rubber stamp that I also happen to have!).  I don't remember them from my own childhood, but Necco seems to be making them again purely for nostalgic reasons - I don't think kids today would like them.

Here's a candy that I DO remember from my childhood, though - B-B Bats!  I got to thinking about them after yesterday's post about baseball - I used a B-B Bats wrapper in the collage that I featured in that post.  I have two distinct memories of B-B Bats - eating them on the last day of my 3rd grade year, and getting them in my Halloween bag every year that I went trick-or-treating.  I just Googled the brand and was informed by Old Time Candy that they've been discontinued.  I also learned that they first came on the market in the Twenties - they're older than I thought!

Besides the older brands of candy, I also love any wrapper that's foreign.  Of course, "foreign" is in the eye of the beholder - to me, it's any wrapper that's not available in the States.  At one time I had a fantastic collection of Canadian candy bar wrappers, but they were all put to use in the ATC below.  :D  Even though I can get to Canada in about 6 hours, their candy is quite different.  Some of my favorite Canadian brands are Coffee Crisp, Maynards Wine Gums (which are actually British), Aero (also British), and Reese - NOT Reese's, like here in the States - peanut butter cups.  :D

My Flickr friend Sandy sent me an AMAZING array of Finnish candies in a parcel a few years ago.  What struck me the most was how different parts of the world like different flavors.  I've noticed that our candy is far sweeter than most countries'.  In Finland, for example, the combination of lemon and licorice is very popular - they even make ice cream with that flavor combo.  To this I say,'s interesting - but to an entire country the feeling is just the opposite.  I've since given away the wrappers in one of my giveaways but you can see a collage that I made with them, below.

I also get a fantastic collection of candy wrappers from my friend Mary and her sister, who travel extensively all over the globe and then save me the wrappers from the products they eat while on vacation - how wonderful is that (if this sounds familiar it's because I talked about her in this post).  I get German, Czech, French, Swiss, South American, Latvian, name it, I probably have a wrapper from the country.  You can somehow tell that they're foreign, too - why is that?  I love the look of them mainly for this reason.

And finally - check out these Israeli wrappers from Starbust-like fruit chews and yes - Bazooka Joe cartoons in Hebrew.  I can get these for a song at a closeout grocery store that's pretty close to me.  My guess is that they're leftovers from Passover displays in Milwaukee of Green Bay grocery stores.  I used to be able to buy the Bazooka bubble gum all the time when I lived in Green Bay, where there is an active Jewish population.  In Fond du Lac?  Not so much.

Here are the aforementioned collages I've done using candy wrappers - aren't they versatile?

"Hooray for Candy"Made with Finnish, Dutch
and Japanese wrappers
"Last Dance with Mary Jane", made with
Mary Jane and Kits wrappers

"Looking for Mr. Goodbar" - made with my
extensive collection of Canadian candy bar
wrappers and a vintage bubble gum
machine candy bar charm


  1. Dang, that makes me hungry! I love the old candies too - ok, gotta go raid the stash, thanks, Mel! :P

  2. I love Mary Janes. We can get them (and lots of other old-fashioned candies) at Orscheln Farm and Home here. It's great.

    I've also started saving cool envelopes that things arrive in, thanks to your suggestion a couple of weeks back! I have one that has a red stop sign on the back of it...I'll figure out something to use it for.

  3. Hee hee - sorry Ang! :D

    Amy - lucky you to have a place to get 'vintage' candy close by! It's always more fun to buy it that way, rather than online. And I'm so happy to hear about you saving envelopes! They're so varied and interesting (and we can recycle at the same time!). :D