Thursday, October 20, 2011

Doing what I Love

Dear Ephemeraologists:

I'll admit it.  I sat here for nearly an hour, trying to come up with a topic today.  I normally don't have this problem but sometimes the ol' writers' block takes hold and squeezes pretty tight.  Couple that with one tired chick and you've got yourself one very blank slate.

As I was sitting here, contemplating just scrapping today's post, I thought about what else I'll be doing today.  I'll be making some ATCs for our live trade on Saturday, I get to do lunch with some wonderful friends, and I have another MAJOR project that I'm working on for November of 2012 (more on that later).

As I'm ticking off my to-do list items, I couldn't help but think about how lucky I am.  A good portion of my day today will be spent in the the studio - how many other people can say that?  I have all of this wonderful "stuff" that comprises my art work and I am surrounded by it every day.  These are the items that I write about on a nearly daily basis for this blog.  How cool is that?

So today, I just want to take the time to say, "Thank you!" to all of you reading, and offer a huge debt of gratitude to the Universe for allowing me to do what I love.  There are so many factors which allow all of this to be my reality for the time being and I am utterly aware that it could change at any moment.  But for today, at least, this is my life and I am eternally grateful for those of you who share it with me in any way - including you, my dear readers.

Because I'm feeling so generous today, I would also like to offer 20% off my entire Web site, today only!

(Just had to throw that shameless plug in there, didn't I?)  :D

More ephemera tomorrow!  :D

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  1. Shameless plugs are OK when you have such wonderful stuff on your website!!