Thursday, September 8, 2011

Like-Minded Ephemeraologists!

Today I want to talk about other people behind their back.  :D

No, no - in a GOOD way!  But I've adored these blogs for so long that I had to give some shout-outs.

I've come across these blogs in my travels through Twitter, Flickr and Facebook and I just had to share them with you.  These are blogs that appeal to me for various reasons - nostalgia, humor, information - and PAPER.

First up is Papergreat.  Papergreat is a blog written by Chris Otto, whom I've "met" on Twitter.  Chris loves old paper as much as I, but he focuses more on the pure ephemera side of things rather than the art of it all.  He is also VERY generous with his retweets of my own blog posts, which I appreciate tremendously!
Today on his blog, Chris talks about this AMAZING book that he found a while back called, "A Thousand Ways to Please a Husband", which in and of itself is hilarious.  But check out what he found inside.  Oh my goodness gracious, what an incredible find.  It makes me drool just thinking about what I could do with it all - so from a collector's point of view, it's probably best that Chris found this instead of me.  :D  Check it out!

Here's another blog that's mainly about collecting ephemera - but all of this ephemera happens to be French. This blog is called Agence Eureka. Do I LOVE this blog?  Mais oui!  :D  Seriously, if you're a francophile you are going to be astounded at the amount of ephemera Patricia owns.  She is French so it would stand to reason that most of the ephemera she collects is French.  But it still fascinates me how much of it exists, n'est ce pas?  :D

This next blog is dear to me for a different reason - my love of mid-century grocery stores.  If any of you out there share this fondness then you're probably already aware of Pleasant Family Shopping, which is the most comprehensive 20th Century shopping site I have ever encountered.  Not only does Dave talk about old family-run grocery stores and all of the ephemera to go along with it, but if you ever need any information about old department stores, gas stations, motels, or roadside attractions, this is your one-stop oasis.  Dave is so thorough that I have no doubt he's been contacted by others looking for certain information on these topics.  I know it's where I go if I have to do research for my own blog!  The only problem I have with Pleasant Family Shopping is that I get lost there - sometimes for embarrassingly long stretches of time.  One link leads to another...and another....well, you get the picture.  :D

This last blog is probably the one that's closest to my own, but with its own style, of course!  If you're an Ephemeraologist (and I'm pretty sure if you're reading this that you are), you've probably come across Wackystuff before.  Wackystuff has been peddling ephemera (indeed, he owned a store called Ephemera!) since I was about eight years old.  This lucky guy grew up here in the U.S. but now lives in Victoria, B.C., which is on my Bucket List of places to visit.  If you have visited his site before, then you know how comprehensive his collection is.  If you've never been, then I'll put it in ephemera terms for you - if my collection is a drawer, then Wacky's is the entire Antique Mall.  It is astounding how much stuff he has.  Better yet, he also does mail art with it and is extremely generous in his trades!  If you're a mail art person I would try and get in on that action - you won't be disappointed!

I hope you like the places I've taken you today - they're some of my favorite places on the Web.


  1. Thanks so much, Mel! You can talk about me behind my back anytime! ;)

  2. Oh, you are MORE than welcome, Dave! What can I say - I may not comment very often but I think your blog was sent by the Ephemera gods just to make me happy. And you're always so helpful with questions that I have - I appreciate that! :D