Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Iron-on Wonderfulness

Show of hands - who uses an iron on a semi-regular basis?  Anyone?  Okay, quilters don't count.  :D  I'm talking about using an iron for its intended purpose - to get out wrinkles (of our clothes, not our faces.  That would be painful).  :D

I can recall exactly when I used an iron last - I was ironing a shirt that went under the new suit I purchased for my Grammie's funeral.  The next time I wear that shirt will probably be around Christmastime.  :D  I'm not one for wearing clothes that need special attention - I want to throw it on and forget it.  I've never been one to give a rat's patootie about what I wear, much to some of my friends' chagrin, I'm sure!

Here's a reason to bust out the ol' Sunbeam, though - these vintage iron-on transfers!  Aren't they marvy?  I love any sort of flimsy paper that has somehow stood the test of time, its stalwartness defying its gossamer appearance (perhaps a metaphor for life?  Am I getting too deep for this blog post?).  :D

I love the idea of women monogramming sheets and pillowcases in their home.  People pay BIG BUCKS to have someone else do that now.  I'm sure I could do it myself, given my embroidery background, but the question is, do I want to?  I'm sure if I did, and I posted the photo on Pinterest, someone would probably repin it.  :D  It's one of those "good things" that Martha's always talking about, but no one ever really attempts for fear of wanting to stick that embroidery needle in their eye out of frustration.

One of the best things about these transfers is the packaging.  The Vogart ones are my favorite (see above) - so dramatic!

Here is a literal pile of transfers that I got about a year ago.  I've used them for their intended purpose, but I've also used them as "filler" in collages, where I need a translucent pop of color.

The use of iron-ons has made a comeback, too!  Check out these wonderful transfers that someone will be talking about in a similar way as I am - in 50 years!  The fun thing about these is that, in the case of the Sublime Stitching transfers, they're ironically vintage already.  The Sukie ones are so cute too!

Here are some examples where I've used my transfers, either as intended or just as collage fodder.  I love 'em!


  1. Regular basis? No. I iron when I have to, or when I'm quilting/sewing or transferring for embroidery! I never thought about using the transfers for paper art though. I kind of treasure the ones I have that I got from my husband's grandmother.

  2. Oh, I wouldn't use your husband's grandmother's transfers, either! :D What kind are they? Are they monograms, or those pillowcase kinds with the flowers? I love those! :D

    As for using them in paper art, they work great! You can use them either way - the transfer ink doesn't come off.

  3. I "iron" using a water spritzer bottle! Just spray it on the shirt (on a hanger), do a little tugging and smoothing, and voila! Those poor women from yesteryear that spent hours ironing! Even sheets...and underwear!