Tuesday, September 20, 2011

I'm Curious.....

Happy Tuesday, everyone!  To most of my readers:  Happy (almost!) Autumn!  To my Southern Hemisphere readers:  Happy (almost) Spring!  :D

I was just looking at my analytics for this blog - do you know that this is the 235th post?!  I was sort of shocked when I saw that!  Like most writers, I am anxious (on a quasi-daily basis!) that I won't have anything to talk about.  Apparently I pulled it off 234 times before this!  With the amount of stuff I've accumulated I could talk about one item for the rest of my life.  I do like discussing whole subjects of things too.

Which brings me to the question posed in the header - I'm curious.  I want to know from you, dear readers, what you like!  I am so happy that you read my blog on a regular basis, but what post or posts stick out in your mind as being more interesting than others?

I know I have my own favorites because I have pieces in my collection that are my favorites, just as you also do, I'm sure.  But I want to know - what topics interest you?  Is there something you'd like to hear about that I haven't talked about yet?

To those of you who've read the post thus far - post in the comments below (or on the Facebook page) which of my posts is your favorite, and you'll automatically be entered for a giveaway!  A giveaway of what, you ask?  Stuff from me!  That's right - you'll get an envelope stuffed to the gills with ephemera of all types.  I hate to say this, but I have to limit this giveaway to my US and Canadian friends only - I've been having some troubles with my overseas sending.  I apologize profusely to my Australian and New Zealander (and apparently LOTS of Russian) readers!  And as always, please leave your e-mail address for me in the "name (at) domain (dot) com" format so I know where to find you.  If you don't leave your e-mail this way, I will not pick your name.

I will run this giveaway until this Friday night at 5 p.m. CDT.  I hope lots of you comment!  Not only do I love these giveaways but I would also love your input.

One last thing - I want to thank you all again so very much for reading this blog.  It's amazing to me how many Ephemeraologists are out there and I'm glad we're connecting!  I have met so many wonderful folks, all because I write about what I love.  I hope I inspire you to revel in your own collections. For those of you who read it from the creative perspective, I hope I've encouraged you to make your own art using these fun and interesting pieces!

Ready?  GO!  Can't wait to hear from you!


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  2. One of my favorite posts is from August 11th ~ recipe for nostalgia. Lately I've been going through a lot of paper work and found recipes written in my grandmother's handwriting and some in my mother and mother-in-law's handwriting. Not only is special to have their recipes, it brings back many memories to when I see their handwriting.
    snowyowl at wi dot rr dot com

  3. EDIT: And because I'm an idiot, I'm reposting my comment with my email address that I forgot yesterday. Ooops. :)

    I will comment just because I like to try to win things :) but honestly I haven't had time yet to make it through all of your 234 other posts yet to know what else I would like to see! I want to make ATCs and would love to see lots of examples and references for how to pull them off.

    amyswiney (at) gmail (dot) com

  4. Never one to tell anyone what to see,write or say - I've enjoyed reading and seeing what you post, when time allows of course -

    audiohistory (at) yahoo (dot) com = Cheers!

  5. Your few comments are truthful as is this one. I don't even have time to keep my own blogs...specifically...up to date let alone reading the each and every post of every blogr I follow ... Just as I suspectl that you have not kept current with my blogs or postings to my collage/altered arts page on Facebook. What are we all to do? Life is full ... So much time in a day and doesn't mean we don't notice, see ... Maybe just not all of the time <3

  6. I am a huge nut for vintage ephemera and love incorporating it into my work. I love that it makes the piece that much more unique. As for your blog, I love all the vintage goodies you share, oftentimes with very interesting history. Most of all, I love seeing the fabulous artwork you create with your vintage findings. You are truly inspiring!!!

  7. And a hearty congrats to Alyce Schwenn, who won the giveaway! Thanks to all of you for playing along - we'll have another giveaway VERY soon! Stay tuned! :D

  8. A HUGE thank you to Mel for such a wonderful, fun giveaway. I'm still making my way through the box and have enjoyed everything you chose for me. Woo hoo! Time to play!!!!