Wednesday, September 28, 2011

If Loving you is Wrong, I don't Wanna be Right

Why are some of the best things in the world so bad for you?  Is it some sort of test of willpower?  I don't know what happens at the end of our earthly existence but if we are judged by how well we resisted temptation, I'll see you all where the goblins go below (below, below, yo ho).

I know I'm going to have some detractors on this one, but one of my guilty pleasures is MAYONNAISE.  See?  I know I've lost 25% of you already.  For the 75% of you who agree with me, you'll enjoy the rest of this post.  :D  I especially love it on my French fries.  Oopsy!  Just lost another 30 percent!

Check out this AMAZING mayo jar I found at an estate sale the other day (it says "salad dressing" but we all know what that means)!  I love it and I've never seen this brand before, but Embassy must be the Kroger store brand. I love the logo!  It hasn't been that long ago that mayo was still in glass jars but I'm surprised that it took so long for plastic jars to become de rigeur.  I would NOT want to have an entire jar of mayo break on my kitchen floor - as much as I love the stuff it does contain eggs and I don't even want to imagine the smell of that little spot of mayo that you didn't see behind the fridge when said spill occurred.  GRODY!  :D

I also love this Elkay brand label (the Elkay being a play on the L. Klein distributor, no doubt).  I think it's pretty old - judging by the fonts and the use of navy blue for a mayo brand, I'm going to put this in the 1930s.  Seriously - you never see dark colors for mayo labels!  It's all very clean, with bright patterns, almost like dark colors would connote a bad-for-you vibe.  We wouldn't want THAT!

In case you were wondering - why yes, indeed I have used mayo in my art!  I call this one, "Cinco de Mayo".  Yes, I did name it that.  :D  I used one of my grocery store die cuts and some very vintage Kraft product pamphlets.  I also included the aforementioned Elkay label (I have more than one).

For those of you who are wondering why I didn't include Miracle Whip in this post - really?  ;)


  1. Do you take the labels off the jars you find? If so, how do you do that without damaging them? I love mayo, almost as much as I love butter. I probably lost 99% of your readers with that comment!

  2. Hi Amy! This (and another tin, which I will showcase later) is the first jar I've ever purchased - it was only a buck and I don't think I'll be able to remove the label. RATS! It's stuck on there pretty good and because of its age I don't want to soak it. But that's what I do for stuff like wine labels - throw it in a basin of hot water. :D
    It's a toss-up between mayo and butter for me as well! I'm legally obligated to say that, though, living in Wisconsin. Oh yeah - I <3 cheese, too! :D

  3. Isn't it wonderful, Kristi? :D

  4. My Dad insists that Miracle Whip is the only decent thing to put on a sandwich and that regular mayonnaise is (rhymes with "trap").

    He and I don't share personal convictions on this issue. ;)