Monday, September 26, 2011


Are you a "card person"?  Are you one of those folks who always has greeting cards on hand in case you need one fast, like a "get well" or sympathy card, or impromptu birthday celebration?

I am.  :D

I am also one of those people who will search for just the right card, even if it takes me a half-hour to find it.  I also try and color-coordinate the wrapping paper with the envelope.  Yeah, I'm weird that way.  :D

I find it quite ironic that even though we're not mailing as many cards as in the past, there is a seemingly infinite variety of cards from which to choose.  I purchase 95% of my cards at my favorite shop, As You Wish.  We Fondyites are SO lucky - we have a full-service stationery shop right downtown!  My sister Jen, who lives in Sun Prairie (near Madison, about an hour away from me), will sometimes make the trip up JUST to shop with me at As You Wish.  And it doesn't hurt that the owner, Kathy, is one of the nicest people you'll ever meet.  She's been at her current location since July of 1999, which in this day and age is a major testament to the type of business person she is - SAVVY!

When I look back at old greeting cards, they all look the same to me.  I love them, but there doesn't seem to be much variation in sentiment or color scheme.  And most were not humorous at all!  That's a major difference.  I remember as a kid that most of the humorous cards I saw had some "naughty" connotations, those $1 cards you'd find at the gas station.  And HEAVEN FORBID you'd blaspheme such sacred holidays as Easter, Christmas or Mother's Day with a humorous card!  Even Valentine cards for adults were usually romantic or sappy, not punny like the kids' versions ("Hey "honey", won't you "bee" mine?" springs to mind).  According to Greeting Card Resource, humor in cards didn't become popular until the Fifties.

I have so many items to show you of my recent acquisition from my wonderful friend Robin, but here is just one of them - a full set of thank you notes, never used!  I'm going to put these as either late Fifties or early Sixties.  I'd imagine that perhaps they were to be used for wedding gifts, since they're in a set like this, but I suppose you could use them for anything, really.  I also have this "new baby" card - it's so sweet (see above)!

Here are some cards that I can NEVER use in my art - these are birthday cards received by my Grammie for her various childhood birthdays!  My Great-Grandma Petry took great care to save them all, along with a list of who gave what gift for each year (!).  They've held up surprisingly well, considering some of them are over 80 years old!
From my Grammie's 6th birthday, 1930

A page from my Grammie's scrapbook - these are all cards
from her 7th birthday, August 2, 1931

One more thing - how are you on throwing away your cards?  Did you ever see the Seinfeld episode where Jerry threw away a greeting card in the wastebasket and the person who sent the card saw it in the trash?  Yeah, that'll never happen in our household.  I must be either superstitious or ridiculously sentimental (yep) but I cannot throw away a card.  How bad is this affliction?  I still have every card from my FIRST wedding. That's pretty bad.  :D


  1. yep, i'm a card saver, too...however, i have been starting to recycle them by using them as artwork for new, handmade cards :)

  2. I save them too and now I have my mom's, which go way back ( born in 1910). I now hand make cards and have stacks of those never sent. Loved this post! You make me feel normal.

  3. I'm a saver, but someday maybe I will recycle some for art or donate them to an assisted living center or nursing home where they use them for art projects. I love the old ones, of course. Always a happy find at those yard sales!