Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Cars, Part I

Let's ponder the automobile for a second.

It's a concept that's so large, yet so ubiquitous, it's almost too encompassing for one blog post.  So I'm breaking it up into segments that will be posted at random (i.e., whenever the mood strikes).  :D

I have so much car stuff, it's hard to know where to begin.  There are the cars themselves,  various car parts, car culture - for many of us, our lives revolve around our cars.

My dad was a "car guy".  He never collected them or anything, but he loved them and he enjoyed working on them.  He raised his sons (my half-brothers Jeff and Kevin) to be car guys too.  That spilled into motorcycles as well, which will be yet ANOTHER post! :D

I am sad to say that I am not a car person insomuch as that I don't know how to do things like change the oil, change a flat, check fluids, etc.  These are certainly things I should learn how to do.  Someday.  :D

That's not to say that I don't love my car, though!  I do!  Her name is Carol Corolla.  She is 14 years old.  I've had her since May of 1998.  She's got 166,500 miles on her and she still runs like a CHAMP.  She's so old that I was still married, for quite some time, to my first husband Dan.  She is older than my two nieces!  She has been on countless trips all across North America.  She held about 400 lbs. worth of art supplies two weeks ago when Kim Geiser and I went to CREATE!, with no side effects.

Brian's car is the same!  He's got a 2000 Mazda Protege.  It has 117,000 miles on it and still runs like a CHAMP.  His car has been on countless road trips in our great land.  It has been a great help moving people from one place to another.

This is what cars should be like!  We are extraordinarily lucky but we also take good care of our cars.  Regular maintenance is key - which is why I haven't had a car payment in eight years and Brian hasn't had one in nine.

Part of the maintenance is making sure the tires are rotated and inflated to their proper PSI.  Tires are cool, aren't they?  They are beat to crap but somehow wear like nobody's business!  When you think about what tires are put through, they're the best value of any product anywhere, car or otherwise.

Tire ads on TV remind me of my childhood.  I remember thinking that if a tire ad was on TV, it must be Sunday - they always showed them when the Packers were playing (see, even then I was interested in day parts in advertising!).  Of course, I love print tire ads even more.  Check out this two-page spread for Firestone from May of 1953 - I had no idea that they used to have actual stores where you could by items like bicycles and bug spray!

Here's a little something I picked up at Timeless Treasures, a shop in Manitowoc so incredible and comprehensive it was almost too good to be true.  It's a lot of tire stationery.  I just love it!   One of the best things about it is that it's from right in Manitowoc, about 55 miles northeast of Fondy on Lake Michigan.  This next part might make you mad - I got the entire lot for...wait for it....a buck.  Yes, one dollar got me 20 sheets of this wonderful paper.  I could scarcely believe it myself.  And who knew that Manitowoc was once the home to the Collette Cushion Tire Company, which claimed to be the "largest exclusive cushion tire manufacturer in America"?  Click on this link to see a brochure from 1927 about "Manitowoc's newest industry".  Fascinating!

I have actually done artwork relating to tires.  If you look above you'll see an ATC that I did a couple years back - I called it "I'm so Tired".  :D


  1. I have a bunch of '65 & '66 car ads. Trying to think of a way to put them in a collage. Would like to make some "guy-ish" collages! Made a decoupage box with fish on it, but that's about as guyish as I've gotten.

  2. Kristi, just wait - the more you're into the collage thing, the more car stuff you'll see. I think most of my collages are "guy-ish" - I'm not really all that much into glitter and stuff. :D