Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Being Inconvenienced

Here's a question for you, and I want you to say the first thing that pops in your head:

What kitchen appliance would be the hardest to give up, if you had to, for a week?

How many of you answered your refrigerator?  :D

Early Sunday morning, we found out the hard way just how much we take our fridge for granted.  We got home pretty late (1:30 a.m.) from being in Sun Prairie/Spring Green all evening with my sister Jen and her husband Mike at American Players Theatre (Wisconsinites - if you've never been, YOU MUST!  It's an outdoor theatre and it's marvelous!). On our way home, we had to stop at the grocery store because we were out of English Muffins, a must-have in our home on the weekends.

When I went to put them in the fridge, it seemed a little warm, but okay.  When I put the other pack in the freezer, that's when we noticed the nightmare - EVERYTHING was thawed.  The frozen veggies, the meat, the ice cream - all thawed.  Thoroughly.

Very, VERY thankfully, we have a mini-kitchen area in our downstairs and we could salvage some of the items.  But the rest?  There we were, at 2 a.m., throwing out all of those sauces, fancy chutneys and salad dressings (all expired, of course) that we should've tossed three years ago.  We finally got to bed about 2:45.

When we woke up later that morning and we were talking about our plan of action (we did have to buy a new fridge), we talked about how lucky we really are - that we had that other fridge as a back-up, that we have the money to buy a new one - and that refrigerators even exist at all.

We all forget this (especially those of you in your twenties, who probably don't have any familial anecdotes to hear), but the fridge is a relatively new invention.  According to Wikipedia the first self-contained fridge went on the market in the 1920s and cost $714 (compare that to a Model T of the same time period, which cost $450).  Are you ready for this?  That's $8.885.29 in today's dollars!!!

Widespread use didn't happen until the Forties.  That's only 60-some years ago!

Check out this wonderful ad from May of 1953, exclaiming the wonders of this newfangled life-saver, the Crosely "Shelvador"!  :D

It wasn't until our fridge conked out that I took the time to be truly thankful for all of the "little" things in life we take for granted - whatever sort of economic downturn we're in most of us still have it VERY well.  I think the lady's face in my "Femineered Fridge" collage (pictured at the top) says it all!  :D


  1. I immediately thought fridge too. We are lucky in that we have an extra fridge also, and that neither of our fridges has gone out (yet)(knock wood). We did have our chest freezer go out a couple of years ago, what a nightmare that was!

  2. I just had a flashback to helping my dad dispose of all the nasty stuff in his failed chest freezer. (Shudder!) we really are lucky to have so many things to make our lives easier! I have some pics of ladies with their awesome new fridges and stoves from the early 1960's. Can't wait to use them in some funky retro art!