Friday, September 2, 2011

Be Prepared

It's a new school year and that means, for a lot of kids, a new scout year too!

I was a Girl Scout for three years.  To be more accurate, I was a Brownie for two years and a Junior Scout for one.  I gave up on the whole scouting thing because I didn't like my troop leaders in 4th grade.
I LOVED my Brownie troop though - my mom was my troop leader!  She and Mrs. Sievert (a good friend of my mom's) had us do really fun stuff like ceramic ornaments and field trips.  I remember enjoying it immensely.  My sister Jen was in the same troop for a year with me (she's a year younger than I).  That made it even more fun.

I always admired the kids who could make it through to the bitter end.  I don't know many girls who did (my college roommate Pia is the only one who comes to mind) but a lot of guys made Eagle Scout, the highest honor the Boy Scouts bestows.  It shows true diligence and determination to get this far!

For the three years that I was a scout, I remember heading to the White Store to get my uniform and sash (sadly, the White Store is long gone - I could do a whole post on that store alone!).  I loved the autumn ritual - the dress, the socks, the sash, the merit badges (I didn't have many of those), the pins - it's the only time in my life I've ever worn a uniform, and there's something to be said about it.  You do feel different when you're all dressed the same - you're part of a club.

As an adult, through the foggy goggles of nostalgia, I of course have romanticized my Scout days.  I LOVE finding old or new memorabilia.  Most of what I have consists of scouting handbooks but I managed to find some troop letters - our local hardware store is the new scouting uniform headquarters.  As far as the older stuff, there is a LOT of history here!  As you can see, I have books from various scouting eras and you can see the changes in uniforms and ideas.  I remember thinking how dated our literature was when I was in scouting - I was in the Scouts from 1976-78 and most of the pamphlets and handbooks were from the mid-Sixties.  During that time period 10 years was a CHASM - I don't think a pamphlet from 2001 would look so dated to kids now (or would it?).

But now, of course, is another matter.  I love it all!  I've used some of the scouting stuff to make some art, too. People really seem to respond to it - I guess we all have a fondness for our scouting days!


  1. That is just awesome! brings back lots of memories. I have no idea whatever happened to my badges etc. Wish I could find them as they would be great for a collage. Thanx so much for sharing!


  2. Hi Kim - I'm so glad you liked this post! It definitely brings up those nostalgic feelings, doesn't it? :D If you want to use old scout things for a collage, check old bookstores or ebay for stuff (or find out the GS uniform headquarters in your area)! Best of luck! :D