Monday, September 12, 2011

Another Fun Start to a Great Week!

Happy Monday, everyone!  I hope everyone had a lovely weekend!

I know Mondays can put an abrupt end to the fun for some of you, so let's keep the momentum going with.... ANOTHER GIVEAWAY!!!!  :D

Today we feature the wonderful Silver Crow Creations!  Those of you who've been reading the blog for a while are no doubt familiar with these lovely folks and their amazing....I'm going to call it an Emporium.  Really, that's the best word I can think of when describing this colossal site!

I was HOOKED from the start when I happened across this shop in my searches.  What's so fun about Silver Crow is that every time I go on the site, I find little treasures I just HAVE to have.  Lately, it's been in the form of these super-cool transparencies.  I've never seen anything like these - so they have to be mine.  :D  I know I own more than I'll ever use (probably) in my art, but they're just awesome and at this price?  Why wouldn't I load up?

Annie's been adding new stuff nearly every day since April - that's over 500 items (!), which means there's ALWAYS something like these transparencies to see!  Stop on in for yourself!

To qualify for the giveaway, which is a $20 Silver Crow gift certificate,  I'm only going to ask one question, and you can either leave your answer here or in the comments on the Facebook page.  Here goes:
What is this guy's name?
That's it!  Just write your answer and - this is important - include your e-mail address in the comment box in the name(at)domain(dot)com format!  I had to draw several names for the last giveaway because I couldn't find an e-mail address.  If I can't immediately find your e-mail, I will draw another name.

I will run this giveaway until Thursday at NOON CDT so you'll have plenty of time to enter and to then let your friends know too!  :D

Best of luck to you all!  Thank you so much for playing!  

P.S.  Here's a hint for the kitty cat's name - if you click the link to the caption under the photo, you'll find out!  :D


  1. I love the name Omar for a kitty. Did I tell you that my 89 year old grandfather just adopted a rescue kitty? wolf0129 at comcast dot net


  2. That's Omar awaiting all those orders for Silver Crow! :)
    YOUNG9805 at roadrunner dot com

  3. Omar with his last cordless phone to run around the place pulling our orders off the shelves, before he gave away the last of his 9 lives to some cute kitten. ahsquire at hotmail dot com

  4. Omar

  5. Hey Omar!! Everyone needs a kitty to craft with...

  6. That is Omar and he is just too cute! TFS this site love it.


  7. Omar is a handsome boy!

  8. We have a winner! Congratulations to Squiddy! I'll email you the code you need to get your gift certificate! Thanks so much for entering the contest! :D