Monday, August 1, 2011

Timeless Treasures

What a weekend!  I am still recovering from Inspire my Life, a three-day art fest hosted by my friend Kim Geiser at her studio, Persimmons, in Manitowoc.  In my last post, I talked all about the class I taught, "Collage like an Ephemeraologist".  My friend Carolyn Brady happened to snap some photos of the class, and you can see them here.

Mine was one of the first classes of the retreat, which was great because I then had the rest of the weekend to play!  Not only did I take some fantastic classes  - "Dye it Like you Mean it" by Geri Justinger, "Faux Tintype ATCs" by Carolyn Brady (which I had been wanting to take for THREE YEARS and was finally able to do so!) and "Pink Paris Flea Market Canvas" by Lori Franklin (which turned out to be turquoise!), but I also was able to experience some of Manitowoc's coolest places.

My new art friend Shelly Massey and I ventured out on Friday morning to Timeless Treasures, a vintage emporium only about a block and a half from Persimmons.  HOLY LORD.

To say this place was a gold mine would be an understatement.  First of all, it is organized so well that if you had a specific subject in mind you could just pick the little room you wanted and stay there.  Of course, Shelly and I didn't do that, but we did find ourselves calling out to one another from different rooms: "OMG - you HAVE to see this!" was a regular shout at various times during our visit.  :D

Even though they market themselves as a vintage clothing boutique (and they did have some AMAZING vintage clothes there, to be sure), we were more interested in the paper and gew-gaws.  Here is a photo of what I came away with:

(More on that A&P Egg Nog wrap later).

I had that "I'm on crack" feeling when we were there.  Probably the most interesting find was a very old filing box that Shelly saw, FULL of old Allis-Chalmers receipts and invoices, dated from 1907-1945.  I will probably have a post about that box alone.  Here's something wonderful - even though Shelly found it and could've kept everything for herself, she asked if I wanted to go halfsies on it.  DID I?!?  We each came away with about 100 invoices, some with INCREDIBLE graphics.  Wait 'til you see! :D

Oh, but there were also fun old travel brochures, catalogs, vintage stocking labels, more Life magazines but also some new titles (more about those in a later post!), another mini newspaper (you can see that on top), labor cards, prescription items, and more.  I think we were there for over an hour!

Isn't it so cool when you have an experience that you'll never forget?  I called this post "Timeless Treasures" not only for the shop, but because of the feeling I get when I think back to this weekend and all the friends I made and art I was able to create.  The whole retreat was like that - a memory I will treasure for all time.


  1. Sounds magical, Mel! and I can't stand it that I can't see inside those books.

  2. Bethany Royston geezluezz@yahoo.comAugust 1, 2011 at 11:01 PM

    Sounds like fun!

  3. Ladies, it truly IS a magical store! Kristi, you're close enough that you could make a pilgrimage, and I would do so soon - sadly, they're closing up shop. :(