Tuesday, August 23, 2011

This Just Makes me Happy. :D

See these little things?  I just love 'em.  Right now a chain of grocery stores in Wisconsin is playing a version of Monopoly, sort of how McDonald's does (if you've ever seen or played it).

The idea is - you begin with this "game board" that the cashier gives you.  Every time you buy certain groceries you receive "game pieces", with more being issued the more you spend.  Of course, one gets a lot of the same pieces over and over - it's just like the elusive Park Place in the real game.

I just don't have the patience with games like this; I chalk it up to my cynicism.  I know deep down that I'll never win.  My sister's been playing for months and they FINALLY won two bucks!  That was a big deal.  :D

From an ephemeral standpoint, however, I've already won!  I mean, LOOK at these!  This is the type of thing that's definitely going in the Perpetual Ephemera Depository!  I think 40 years from now this set is going to be LOVED by someone as geeky as I.  I hope they look up this game on whatever the "Internet" will be in 2051 and discover this blog post, and feel the same rush that I do when I discover history on trading stamps or rations.

And come on!  It's grocery store ephemera!  Could it BE any cooler?  I can't wait to make something with these - maybe I will this week, when I'm in Chicago for CREATE!, Cloth Paper Scissors' retreat.  I am helping my friend Kim, who's teaching a workshop there.  I am SO excited and I'm sure I'll have stories!

Not to worry, dear Readers -  I'll be posting as usual all week!  :D


  1. Of course I've diminished the value of my game pieces by tearing them apart sticking them on the board (and now you can expect all your friends to inundate you with their extras ;)

  2. Oh Carolyn - that's already happened! You should see the pile I got from my sister! :D