Tuesday, August 2, 2011

There's a Word for EVERYTHING!

I am very excited - in the last week or so I've gotten quite a few more folks following this blog.  To that I say:  HOORAY!  Welcome aboard!  I hope you like my rantings about ephemera, and it is my most sincere hope that you all become Ephemeraologists yourselves, if you aren't already (and I know there are a lot of you out there!).

I made up the name "Ephemeraology" specifically for this blog - I scooped it up and registered the domain name because to me, it wasn't a stretch.  I mean, if we're talking in Greek etymological terms, wouldn't it mean "the study of ephemera"?  Yet it doesn't exist - the closest match the 2011 Merriam-Webster online dictionary has is "ephemerality".  Doesn't have the same ring to it.  Plus, it's not as fun to say when you're inebriated.  :D

In my searching for words, however, I came across some awesome words that describe collectors of things.  Mental Floss has a great list, and many of them describe me (and you, I'm sure!) to a T!  Here's a sample:

Do you collect matchbooks or labels?  I do!  So I guess I'm also a phillumenist.

How about flags?  If you collect those, then you're a vexillophile.  How about that!  I collect those too! 

Are you a lotologist?  You are if you collect lottery cards.  BINGO!  Right again!  :D

Living in Wisconsin, I suppose I'm not the only tyrosemiophile - that's a collector of cheese labels.  So I guess that means that this cheese doesn't stand alone?  :D

So, what do YOU collect?  Whatever it is, I'm sure there a word for it!  Look it up and see - there, don't you feel all "official" now?  :D

And of course, I prefer to NOT let my collection sit idle in a drawer - it's the art that we make with our collections that make us true Ephemeraologists!  If you'd like, send me a link to your art made with ephemera in the comments below, like a Flickr page or something.  If you're not photographing your artwork - you MUST!  It's so fun to see what the original ephemera looked like and how you made it 100% cooler by creating with it YOUR way.  So, let's see what you've done!  :D

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