Friday, August 19, 2011

Sorry, Dear Readers....

To my lovely readers:  this is going to be a short post.  Unfortunately, I've had a pretty bad headache for the last two days.

Aren't headaches the worst?  Apparently these folks think so too!  :D  The only thing I can do when these babies strike is go back to bed.  So that's where I'm going after I write this post.

I do love these ads, though - they crack me up!  You don't often see overacting in advertising anymore, unless you come across those hootful infomercials where someone is trying to make a point.  The "Tater Mitts" ad comes to mind - there are some great facial expressions on that one!

Advertising is so much more subtle now, but to me there's no substitute for these hilarious "headache sufferers".  I can almost see the direction they're taking from the photographer:  "Okay, furrow your brow as much as possible.  No, that's too much.  Now purse your lips slightly.  No, you're not trying to kiss the reader, you just want to show discomfort."  And so on.  :D

I hope you all have a lovely weekend, and when I return on Monday, I hope to look like this:


  1. Hope you're feeling better SOON!
    I suffer from whomping migraines that have me down for days, and trust me, the ads don't quite touch on how they feel.
    More like the Three Stooges when Moe's head is in the printing vise and it's getting tightened....
    Take care....


  2. I've been having migraines this week too, and am experimenting with different medication that seems to be working. Hope you get some relief too!