Monday, August 29, 2011

Skating Away

Great! Now I've got that Jethro Tull song in my head.  Not that it's a bad thing - it's one of their best.  :D

But I digress!

I grew up in the Seventies.  If there is one "sport" that would define my childhood, it would without a doubt be roller skating.

We were lucky - we had a roller rink fairly close to us.  When my sister Jen and I were in third/fourth grade we would take lessons nearly every Saturday at the Rola-Rena in Green Bay (it's still there!).  We got pretty good at it, too!  We could go backwards, do the scissor-cross move, do twirls - we thought we were very cool.

Image courtesy of Stay at Home Sisters
The apex of our skating came on March 10, 1980 - my dad came home with a brand-new pair of totally awesome skates for each of us!  They were the new tennis shoe-style, like these here.  I very clearly remember roller-skating to Michael Jackson's "Rock with You" in our living room.  

We were trendsetters on the block - soon everyone had a pair!  I think you can guess what a big deal this was if I can remember the day we got them over 30 years later.  :D

But I want to know - does anyone roller skate anymore?  I'm not talking about inline skating - that's different to me.  That seems to be more about fitness than fun.  No, I'm talking about the "couples skate"-type skating.  The kind of skating where you spend the evening at the rink with your friends, just hanging out and having fun skating in a circle.  We have a rink in Fond du Lac, but I've never been.  Maybe I should find a pair of vintage tennis shoe skates and show my town how it's done.  :D

Now, on to the ephemera!  Check out these AMAZING vintage skating stickers that I got from the Coffee Break Design booth at CREATE! on Friday night.  Aren't they wonderful?  I've never seen anything like them.  I got two packs (10 to a pack) and all 20 are different.  Then, as luck would have it, as we were packing up Kim Geiser's booth at the same venue, she showed me this booklet and said, "You need to take this."  Okay!  No need to tell me twice!  :D  How's that for serendipity?

Since I just got these a couple of days ago I haven't made anything with them - yet.  But I will, and I will post it when I'm done!  I can't wait to have fun with these!


  1. I grew up in the era of metal skates that you attached to your shoes and tightened them on with a skate key. When we grew out of a skate size or if something broke, my dad would make scooters out of a 2X4 and a produce crate and use the wheels on it. I think we had the first skate boards, too. Skate wheels nailed to a board.

    My mom, though, had actual skating rink type skates that laced up. She kept them in a little metal carrying case. (She and my dad met in the late 1940s when they both belonged to a skate club in Chicago.)

    Can't wait to see what you create next, Mel!

  2. Ooh, flashback! I had the metal skates, too, but with wing nuts, I think, instead of a skate key. (They were my sister's hand-me-downs and I was so jealous of the neighbor's boot skates with the plastic wheels that were so much quieter.) I have a big scar on my knee from taking a tumble in shorts on an uneven sidewalk. No helmets and safety pads for us! :D And somewhere I still have the soundtrack cassette for Xanadu, one of the many classic roller-skating movies!

  3. Greetings Mel, I just signed on as a new 'follower' on your blog and 'liked' your facebook page! Love the ATC's that you've highlighted! Congrats on teaming up with Kristin Hubick! I'm already a follower and customer of hers, and as you already know she's wonderful! :)
    Many thanks and all the best for the future!

  4. I used to roller skate in my basement to Robert Palmer's Addicted To Love!