Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Out on a Ledge(r)

I've always loved tiny squares and boxes (nerd alert!).  It's true!  It was for this reason only that I became interested in accounting - the ledgers!

Yes, that's a pretty convoluted reason to possibly choose a career.  I discovered Accounting Basics when I was a junior in high school and I think my parents were just so thrilled that something interested me, they didn't care what the reason (up until this point I had been getting Cs and Ds in high school.  Yeah, I know.).  Wouldn't you know, I wound up getting all A's in my accounting classes.  I'm pretty sure it was because of the little boxes.  :D

I still love the little boxes, but now I know why - their linear beauty enhances any collage!  :D  I LOVE collecting old ledgers - here's a full, hard-covered one that my new friend Shelly pointed out to me at Timeless Treasures in Manitowoc last weekend.  It even has specimen sheets, which I will TOTALLY be using down the line!

One of the most fascinating things about these old worksheets is that someone took the time to do journal entries.  In fountain pen.  It's just another example of how the pace of life seemed slower then - the beauty of that blue-black ink on that creamy-white paper with the thin crimson and light blue lines, diligently written by an accounting clerk or business owner, taking care that no mistakes were made. Back when almost everyone knew how to add in their head, or use an adding machine.  We may have evolved programs to do all that now, but I think people were smarter then - or at least used their brain more.

And like I said before, they make any collage spring to life!  Here are a couple of pieces I've done using those wonderful sheets:


  1. Mel, if you hadn't gotten to those ledger books first, I would certainly have grabbed them! I have the same fondness for the gridded paper. I remember my mother doing bookkeeping in those back in the early 60's. Once in awhile she would let me write in a number. I was in heaven! Sharon H.

  2. Sharon, what a lovely memory! THIS is why we all love the vintage ephemera, right? There's always a wonderful memory or story attached to so much of this awesome paper. If you can make it to our ATC trade this month on the 20th at the Windhover in Fondy, I think I could spare a page or two. :D Thanks so much for writing! :D