Friday, August 5, 2011

Let's end the week on a FABULOUS note! :D

It's Friday, Friday, gotta get ephemeral on Fridayyyyy......

Oh, those aren't the words to that song?  Well, they should be!  Why, you ask?

Because our wonderful friend Trina over at The Paper Flea Market is joining up with the gang here at Ephemeraology (that would be Yours Truly and Dudley) to do another $20 gift certificate GIVEAWAY!  :D

And holy smokes, does she have a TON of new stuff!  Here is the link to much of her new paper - Trina's been busy this summer!  (My personal faves are the Think and Do Books and the Ship-to-Shore Radiograms!)

Here are the details:

  1. In the comments box, tell us about your dream studio - how would you store all of your paper and other fun finds?
  2. Make sure to leave a VALID e-mail address in the "name(at)domain(dot)com" format (do it this way so the spammers can't find you!).
  3. If I do e-mail you about winning, kindly reply within 48 hours.  If you don't or can't, I will draw another name.
  4. US or Canadian peeps only, please!

I'll be running this giveaway through the weekend, so you have some time.  I'm going to draw a name at noon on Monday, August 8.  Best of luck to all of you, and Happy Friday!  :D


  1. My dream studio would have lots of storage and space. Comfortable seating and long, sturdy work tables so that I could have friends over for play dates.
    I'd love to have work stations for various assembly production, i.e. a space for die cutters and paper punches, spray booth area for paints and mists, etc. My space now is limited so having to drag things out for each process is such a pain.
    Embellishments would be stored in clear or glass so I can see what's on hand. Papers would be stored in racks by theme or colour. Space and visablilty are key for me as I'm a very "out of sight out of mind" person and right now most things are out of sight. lol
    I'd also want a big comfy sofa in one spot of the room with a "Wall of Inspiration" so I can build a collage of pieces I get from others to inspire and motivate me. Seeing what others create is very therapeutic for me. It makes me smile and sometimes actually have to think. :)

  2. Dream studio? I have to have things out where I can see them, otherwise I forget about them. So I would need some kind of storage that let me keep everything in view. No idea what that would be, exactly. Maybe just a wall of bulletin boards covered with stuff... And yet, I like clean and uncluttered spaces...hmmmm.... Papers would have to be on open shelves, arranged by color.

    I'd like height-adjustable tables so I could sit or stand and walk around while working. Lots of natural light, even though I somehow get more creative at night.

    And most importantly, a LOCK that keeps my lovely children OUT of my studio and away from my supplies. And as long as I'm dreaming, a wonderful nanny to keep them entertained and educated while I work. That's not too much to ask, is it?

    Melissa (msk5d(at)comcast(dot)net

  3. I managed to write something in my heat induced stupor and then lost it when it came to verification. I love Paper Flea Market! I will try again tomorrow with a comment.

  4. My dream studio would be one big room with different stations, one for my lampworking, one for collaging one for painting and another for sewing. I would have big flat file drawers for all my papers and tasteful vintage glass jars fro all of my embellishments and an assistant that could help me keep organized and develop a system that would keep me more orderly. The ceilings would be high and there would be lots of shelving and light. A sitting area and a work area for classes.
    Kim numinositybeads (at) gmail (dot) com

  5. My dream studio would have lots of windows and a never ending source of changable storage so I always have the perfect storage. oh yeah, and I will always remember where I put things

  6. My dream studio would have floor to ceiling windows with french doors looking out into the woods on one side and lake michigan on the other. I would have sky lights and old brick walls on the 2 walls not windowed. My paper storage would consist of wooden crates stacked - some sideways - some lengthwise and my old books and files filled with ephemera would be in crates as well, - Mixed in and climbing along one brick wall. Tall ceilings with exposed beams with ceiling fans that have long necks on them and on the other brick wall - my inspiration pieces, rusty zipline to hang items to dry and bulletin boards. For lighting exposed bulbs hanging from the ceiling and lots and lots of white christmas tree lights. Work stations would have wheels and would resemble old wood butcher blocks but be 4ft x 4ft about 4 of those - and a 7 ft harvest table in the center of the room with individual bench seats for my friends. Add an old farmhouse sink, plank flooring, 2 cats - one named peanutbutter - the other named jelly. Second hand kitchen cabinets for storage of other goodies. Old overstuffed fainting couches and chairs. Invite friends - add ephemera - laughter - treats - and a goodtime will be had by all. AAAHHHH - I like dreaming!!!

  7. ok i forgot hahahaha

  8. My dream studio~~walls of shelves with clear plastic boxes MARKED with what is in them...where I can find things with just a touch. A workstation in the middle and my supplies within arms reach, and a *dirty area* with sink for when I feel the need to make the most sublime messes....or am working with something involving FIRE or EXCESSIVE HEAT...*ahem*
    Good light, mostly from well insulated windows, with a view of nature.
    A sweet chair and ottoman covered in leopard print plush for some rest and of course something to play CDs.
    And a nice funky table for my Budgie, Sweet Pea. :-)
    anne (dot) lockard (at) yahoo (dot) com

    The dreamin' girl...Anne

  9. My dream studio would have antique filing cabinets (those ones with the skinny drawers?) for storing all my finds...and keeping them dust free...lots of antique jars and vases and pretty containers for all my pens and glues and scissors...I love antiques and would rather have old stuff to reuse than a brand new studio! And I'd have to find a new table for my sewing machine because I would dedicate the one I currently use for just my paper-work so I could leave projects out. Oh, also a good radio that doesn't go fuzzy depending on where I'm standing in the room. :)


  10. My dream studio would be for it to be clean and organized! What I wouldn't give to be able to find everything! As for my papers, I used to categorize them by color, I think I want to switch over to organizing by manufacturer.

    Thanks for the chance to win some wonderful vintage goodies.

  11. I've been working on my dream studio for years...what I really need is a way to temporarily store ongoing projects so that I can free up my workbench, which is always cluttered, mostly with paper and paper ephemera, which I love.
    Ideally, I would store all my papers first by size, by type, then by color, in flat files on shelving, so that I could SEE them. So my 8½ x 11 inch glossy cardstock would be color coordinated in one section, vellum in another, matte in another, etc etc.
    My 3D ephemera would be in clear storage compartments divided by type (buttons, charms, clasps, flowers, etc) My paper ephemera would be in vertical files with a section for different themes (Art Nouveau, Art Deco, Retro, Asian)
    But I would definitely need room for empty files, because I never have enough paper or ephemera!

  12. omar(at)silvercrowcreations(dot)com

    I have my dream studio - it's our whole church - downstairs home/upstairs work area. We have room to do (just about) anything we want to do!

  13. My dream studio would be a separate building which would also have a bathroom and a small kitchen. It w so I'd rarely have to leave it. Maybe to sleep. It would have tons and tons of see-through drawers which would pull out and be laid on the table as I needed to paw through them. I love paper so I would need lots and lots of drawers. My dream studio would have storage for my tools, too, that would allow them to be within site for easy grabbing. Oh, and I guess I'll need a comfy chair or small sofa for naps.......and a good sound system, and litter boxes for my cats.

  14. My dream studio would have lots of horizontal space, tables and counters for all sorts of ongoing projects. A rolling stool so I could move from area to area easily. A double, deep, stainless steel sink and surround for all those messy projects. Paper storage would be a wall, lined with pull-out drawers labeled by color. Small little drawers for all my paper ephemera and other goodies...buttons, ribbons...metal objects. And an entire unit for paints, adhesives & sealants.

    A separate area for my sewing projects - one machine for paper and one for fabric.

    Lighting from windows during the day and lots of drop-down lights after dark. Oh, and a little kitchenette with a coffee machine. I'd be in heaven!

  15. My dream studio would be a tiny cottage in our backyard, kind of like a kid's playhouse, but only for adults. Outside would be a stone walkway, plants and flowers around the cottage, maybe a porch, windows on all sides) and inside would be an inviting spacious one room studio with a loft.

    There will be lots of table room as well as storage room and, of course, bookcases, because I must have books wherever I spend time.

  16. I got so drawn into the world of my lovely cottage that I neglected to include my email:

    Jackieflaherty (at) yahoo (dot) com

  17. I tend to work better when I can have all my inspiration spread out in front of me. So a really large work table is a must! Also having separate from the house would be dreamy. That way I can crank up the music and get lost in my work. No kids or hubby interrupting the creative process, lol. I would have an entire wall full of large drawers and shelves to hold all my misc. supplies.

  18. My dream studio has HUGE windows to let lots of light in. Since I also paint, I'd need space for my floor easels. I love storing my supplies in old wooden boxes so there would be lots of those along with vintage suitcases to hold my papers. I can't live without lace so all the shelves would be trimmed with it. A dry sink would be a great place to sit my collaged buckets full of brushes, pencils and pens. Lets not forget my stamp collection. I'd build shelves into a wooden arbor and use that for my wooden stamps as well as antique jars filled with buttons, lace and silk flowers. All the furniture would be painted off white. So would the walls. The neutral color would make a great background for art and collectibles.

  19. My dream studio would be twice as large as my present one, which mean twice as much storage...all clear plastic drawers neatly labeled. I also would have good lighting and a separate AC and filtering system. Just as important is a carpeted cat "tree" leading to a shelf about 18" below the high ceiling and running all the way around the room. THIS ought to keep my cats off my work table! Ah, yes....almost forgot the sink!!! But then, if I had a sink, would I also want a refrigerator and a toilet? Nah...I'll stop with the cat tree/shelf.

  20. My dream studio would have cleared off floors, plenty of dust-free paper storage. I'm not sure how it would look yet, though. I know that Kim's studio would be an inspiration. :D

  21. YAY! We have a winner! Kris, you are the lucky recipient of the $20 Paper Flea Market GC!!! I'll e-mail you and cc Trina so you can chat about your newfound riches! :D

    I REALLY enjoyed hearing about your dream studios - you guys have thought long and hard about your art spaces! I think it's so cool that we love creating so much that a beautiful space in which to do so would be our dream. :D

    Stay tuned for more giveaways in the near future! :D