Monday, August 22, 2011

The Green Sheet

Take a look at my new haul - isn't it AWESOME?!

You may be saying to yourself:  "Why do the newspapers look green?  Do I need to adjust my monitor?"

Nope!  I got this wonderful stash of papers from my friend Alyce of our Milwaukee ATC group, who got them from a friend of hers at work (a LOT more, too, so Alyce shared with me!).  They're the part of the Milwaukee Journal called The Green Sheet, which was printed through 1995.  Here is the definition according to Wikipedia:

Remember Sniglets?  :D
The Green Sheet was a four-page section of the Milwaukee Journal printed on green paper. It was published from the 1910s to 1995, containing comics, the crossword puzzle and other games, celebrity news, local human interest stories and bits of ephemera (YAY!  My FAVE word!  - Mel)
The last Green Sheet was published in the March 18, 1995 edition of the Journal, Milwaukee's afternoon newspaper, shortly before it merged with the morning Milwaukee Sentinel, with the features from the Green Sheet being merged into the Sentinel's Good Morning section, and taking that name under the new Milwaukee Journal Sentinel.
The Green Sheet continues to hold a special place in the memory of residents in the Milwaukee metropolitan area. A newsletter published by the gubernatorial campaign of Mark Green in 2006 was called the Green Sheet, presumably in homage to the former publication.

The Green Sheet is another casualty of our changing newspaper landscape, even though the change occurred 16 years ago.  That was a hard time in Milwaukee media - from what I hear it got pretty stressful when the rival papers merged.

But what a wonderful trip down memory lane!  Most of these are from the Eighties, but I do have one that I picked up previously from the Forties.  I just love 'em and now that I have more than one I KNOW I'll use them in my artwork - stay tuned.  And thanks so much to my friend Alyce for these beauts - do I have great friends or WHAT?  :D


  1. Really sad about newspapers! Our local paper is getting smaller and smaller - I hope it doesn't go away. It's the only way to really find out what's going on in little towns. Not every little business can afford the time or money to advertise on the internet and on phones!

    Thanks for the lovely article!

  2. You are very welcome. I'm happy that you will be able to enjoy them.