Thursday, August 18, 2011

An Art Playdate!

To my dear readers - I apologize for not posting yesterday, but I do have a good reason - I had company. :D

My niece Sydney joined us on Tuesday night for a sleepover, and we spent the WHOLE day yesterday making fun art projects!  I've discovered a very fun equation:  old Real Simple magazines + a creative little girl = a super fun day!

The first project we tried, we both quickly realized would take FOREVER.  So we canned it.  We were going to attempt this:
Gorgeous, yes?  It's a vessel made with a blown-up balloon and rolled-up magazine pages.  But when we realized how long it would take to not only roll up the pages but glue them on to the balloon, we both kind of scrapped the idea.  But I saved our work for another day!

Instead of using Sydney as my guinea pig, I decided to go with what I know and what would be fun for her.  And was it ever FUN!

As some of you may know, Ephemeraology is the blog portion of my business.  I also make art from my ephemera, and one of my FAVORITE things to make is my pendants.  So I thought we could make one together!  Here's the cool part - Sydney made her pendant all on her own.  Really, the only things I helped her with were the gluing and rub-on transfer.  She picked out all of the magazine scraps herself and the composition of the pieces was also entirely her own creation.  I'd say she definitely has an eye for color - and like most 8 year-olds, it's all about the pink.  :D

And here's Sydney modeling her creation - doesn't she look FAB?

What a wonderful way to spend a Wednesday afternoon.  :D


  1. Sydney I love your necklace! Glad both of you had a fun day!!!

  2. Nice! Looks like you gals had fun! She's lucky to have you as her aunt.

  3. Thanks ladies! We had a great time. When you're working with someone so talented, though, it's pretty easy! :D

  4. Very cool and very pretty!!!!