Thursday, July 14, 2011

What is your Phobia?

Do any of you, dear readers, have a phobia?  I am in the process of conquering mine - the DENTIST.

We're having a Dentist o-Rama in the house this week - our poor Dudley had to be at the vet all day yesterday for his teeth cleaning; his teeth were in such bad shape that three of his teeth just fell out (!) while they were cleaning them.  And he has to go back next week for extractions.  Yep, that's plural.  Poor little guy!

Oh, how I sympathize with our guy.  Coincidentally, it is my turn today to visit our dentist.  I am SO lucky - my dentist's office is Awesome with a capital A.  Actually, all of my dentists throughout my life have been top-notch. So why am I so afraid of them?

Because I have pretty weak teeth.  It started with fluoride treatments at the age of 5 and continues with a bad tartar/plaque issue.  My lucky sister doesn't have this problem but my dad must've - he got dentures when he was 43.  That's my age, folks!   That was pretty typical for his generation (he was born in 1920) but it freaks me out!  Can you imagine seeing 43 year-olds today with a full set of dentures??

From an ephemera standpoint, it's just amazing to me to see how far we've come in the field of dentistry and cavity prevention.  When you think that less than 100 years ago (and even in my dad's childhood!) people were still using tooth powder and a washcloth to "wash" their teeth, it's no wonder there were so many that just had their entire set of teeth yanked out.  Kinda hard to reach those in-between spaces with a swatch of fabric!!!

I love the old ads, though - most of them focused on the "halitosis" issue; how unpopular you'd be (or how few dates you'd have) if you didn't take care of that bad breath of yours.  As we get further into the 60s and 70s we begin to see the clinical side of toothpaste and brushes.  And now?  Only mouthwashes are reserved for the bad breath side of dental health - the toothpastes are all about "total care", like periodontal disease and gingivitis and its newer link to heart health (even in doggies!).

I've even made a "dental" piece of art - subconsciously, I'm sure it was a "therapy" card.  :D

P.S.  We still need 7 "likes" on the Facebook page until I do an ephemera giveaway!  Let's go, peeps!  :D


  1. I Adore this article. Love our dentists here, too. My Mom & Dad went to New Valley Dental after their (and my) old dentist decided to retire. They are tremendous and right here in Donora! But I love your crown on the tooth in the card!

  2. Mine is flying...we have 3 dentists in the family so no fear of them! Thanks for proudly displaying your artsee bloggers button and for joining the community!