Friday, July 1, 2011

Too Darn Hot!

Ugh.  Okay, I know it's July, but UGH.  Here in Wisconsin, the temperatures are going to be in the 90s for most of the state today.  This isn't typical for our region - I mean, it has certainly happened before and one year, 1988, we saw temps in the 90s for a month straight with NO rain.  But most of us are still not used to it.

Oh, I can hear you folks in the Southeaast and Southwest saying to yourself, "Boo hoo!  Wisconsin is going to have ONE day in the nineties!  What a bunch of wussies!".  And you'd be correct.  :D  But remember this when we laugh at you in January, while we're totally used to temps in the sub-zeroes and you're complaining because the thermometer deigned to dip below 50.  :D

My family and I have been doing a lot of reminiscing lately, due to the fact that my Grammie has passed and we've been gathering a lot and telling fun stories.  My mom always talks about how oppressive the heat was in Hoopeston, IL, where my Grammie grew up and my great-grandparents lived out their remaining years.  My mom would spend entire summers there, just her and her grandparents.  This was in the Fifties and NO ONE had air conditioning, not even them (they were quite wealthy, too).  Hoopeston is about a hundred miles south of Chicago and only six miles from the Indiana border, and it did get super hot there (I also took two trips there as a little girl).  Unlike Wisconsin, there was no relief, even at night.  ICK.

But the Fifties must've been a turning point for home air-conditioning, because that's when the advertisements begin in magazines, like this one in my Better Homes & Gardens from 1954 (shown above).

I love these brochures, too!  These are both for attic fans, so I believe they pre-date the Fifties; maybe they're late Forties? I can't imagine an attic fan would make that much of a difference, especially with high humidity.  At that point, aren't you really just blowing tropical air around?

I've only done one piece of art dealing with heat - it's called "I'm your Biggest Fan".  Get it?  :D  Stay cool today, everyone!  :D

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