Wednesday, July 27, 2011

A New Spin on Business Cards

I love business cards.  Scratch that - I love well-designed business cards.  They have to be easy to read, minimalist, with no unnecessary flourishes.  The info should be kept to a minimum and au courant.  Business card design is one of those things where you may not be able to put into words what you like, but you definitely know what you DON'T like.  That's easy!  But here are a few of my favorites:

Up until January of 2010, I had no need for a business card of my own.  I was an accounting clerk at our local paper, so I never met with clients or anything like that.  I felt very important when I got my first batch of cards in the mail.

My business cards have gone through quite a metamorphosis - here, in business card form, is a timeline of my art life:

I don't use Snizzers & Gwoo anymore because I closed my Etsy shop.  The other two were free Moo cards (only pay S&H) that I ordered as a promotion.

Then one day, as I was surfing through Pinterest, I came across a fantastic idea for a business card:

Isn't that SO clever?! It's just a stamp, so anything could become a "business card"! And talk about being in keeping with my own Ephemeraology beliefs!  I loved this idea so much that I designed and ordered my own stamp - but I put my own spin on the business card itself.  I made a trip to our local straight-out-of -1972 office supply store and lo and behold, they had some Avery print-your-own business cards.  Instead of printing them out, however, I'm utilizing my stamp and collaging the edges.  Each business card will be unique, since I can't duplicate the collage.  Here are a few examples:

My goal was to create a mini collage for everyone who gets a business card.  It'll be interesting to see how this idea progresses in the coming year!  :D


  1. Love this idea! Designing a new business card for myself is on my "to do" list.

  2. I love the collaged edges! So simple and so elegant! - leave it to Mel!

  3. Thanks everyone! :D I love it when I get ideas from creative people - where would we be without the internets? :D