Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Knit One, Purl Two....

Knitting is cool.  I used to be a knitter and enjoyed it immensely.  I actually did nothing else as a hobby for 7 years because I enjoyed it so much.

Alas, it didn't enjoy me.  :D  I loved the process of knitting - the meditative rhythm that occurs when one is "in the zone".  I loved the clicking-together of the needles.  I loved that I knew the "language" of knitting.  But when it came to finishing the projects, if it wasn't rectangular or a scarf, I always screwed it up.  I'm just not one for the "sewing" aspect of the piece so knitting articles of clothing was out - except for socks.  I LOVE making socks and if I were ever to get back into knitting it would be for the socks.  You know, in my scads of free time.  :D

Oh, but those dreamy colors and textures!  I love that I was able to knit with cashmere and alpaca and mohair.  I love that there are designers out there that made it possible for us to knit with sari silks and bamboo fiber (very soft and eco-friendly!).  Fond du Lac is very lucky in that we are home to The Knitting Room, where they carry every type of yarn imaginable.  It's a thrill to just go in and look around.

On the ephemera side, I always enjoyed the labels that are wrapped around the yarn - all of the info you need is right there at your fingertips, so I always kept those labels.  And because I'm me, even after I stopped knitting I never threw them away (that's my pile in the photo, above).  I'm just waiting for the right project to use them.

One of the most hootful things about knitting is the patterns.  Maybe it's just me, but they seem to fall out of fashion very quickly.  Maybe it's the models they use or maybe it's because they look a little out of date the minute they're printed, but the patterns just crack me up.  Take, for example, the pattern you see here.  Isn't it awesome?  Talk about kitch factor - I will admit, this look does require a pipe.  :D

I haven't used my vintage patterns much, but I do love the look on this woman's face!  She is SO proud to be wearing that very fashionable hat!

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