Wednesday, July 6, 2011

I Blinded Myself with Science

Remember a while back when I lamented my math skills?  Well, that's not the only subject in which I did not excel; its evil cousin, Science, was also my nemesis.

Do you notice a pattern here?  The exact disciplines - math, science, physics, etc., those that should be the most cut and dry to learn since there are laws pertaining to each - are (or were), for me, the hardest concepts to grasp.  Let's take gravity, for example.  I believe Blood, Sweat & Tears said it best when they sang, "What goes up, must come down....".  Unless one is training to be an astronaut, gravity will not be defied in everyday life.  Yet the idea of gravity, in its equation, utterly confounds me.

My husby Brian, on the other hand, totally gets this stuff.  I marvel at how he can just understand science; he graduated with degrees in both computer science and physics.  WHAT?!?  Many times, when Brian is trying to explain something to me, my eyes just glaze over. It's not that he's boring, it's just that I can't think that fast about stuff like that.  But we balance each other very nicely - Brian doesn't really like writing (he's an excellent writer but it takes him forever) and spelling is not his forte, two things that come very easily to me.   Yin and yang, I guess! :D

But let's talk about the ephemera of science!  I don't have much but what I do have, I ADORE.  My two favorite pieces are from textbooks or journals - I can't tell, seeing as they're in German and French, respectively.  I love the charts and graphs and all manner of science-y looking stuff.  If I could compare, I'd love to know if these journals and charts are still accurate or if much has changed since the 20s and 30s, when these pieces were published.  I'm guessing that these would appear "quaint" now.

I may not "get" these concepts, but I LOVE using science-y stuff in my art!  Here are a few pieces I've done:

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