Monday, July 25, 2011

First Aid / Red Cross

Is there any symbol more ubiquitous, or soothing, than the red cross?  Here is a logo, so pure and simple, that it's recognized the world over as a signal that help is on its way.

I love that!  It does my heart good to know that there are still services out there that aren't politically motivated; or, at least, that everyone can agree on.  Seriously - who's going to argue the merit of the Red Cross?

Switzerland really knows the appeal of this symbol - it's on their country's flag.  :D

Who hasn't learned the basics of first aid in their lifetime?  If you're a Girl or Boy Scout, chances are you at least learned not to move a victim and call for help.  If you earned your first aid merit badge, you probably learned how to dress a wound or wrap a tourniquet or bandage an ankle.  I got my Red Cross certification when I worked for Gannett so that I could legally administer the Heimlich Maneuver if need be, or use the defibrillator.  Thankfully, I was never put in that position - I always panic in those situations.  There's a reason I'm not in the health care industry!  :D

Oh, but I LOVE the ephemera!  I have quite a few things that utilize that wonderful red cross - in fact, some of the funkiest items in my collection display it.  Take for example, this unopened box of lozenges from the 1920s.  Isn't it marvelous?  I'll admit - I am REALLY tempted to open it up and taste the 90 year-old candy inside (don't worry - I won't!).  Think about that, though - how does a box of candy survive for NINETY years?!?

I also love these little pins that I bought at my friend Eileen's shop, The Weller Store, in Rural, Wisconsin.  Aren't they just so sweet?  I'm sure you received one of these when you gave blood - hence, the little droplet shape.  I'm going to guess that these are from the 40s, maybe 50s.  They are a gem in my collection!

And of course, I've done some collages that feature that little red cross.  These pieces really made themselves, what with all of the wonderful items out there!

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