Friday, July 29, 2011

Another Workshop for the Books! :D


I taught my "Collage like an Epemeraologist" class last night - and it ROCKED.

I had such a great group of folks - Sharon, Carol, Beth, Leslie, Kara, Lea and Siri all took my class and it was just wonderful to see/meet them all.  Lea DROVE all the way from SANTA FE to take classes at Inspire my Life - how amazing is that?!  Beth drove from Madison, Leslie from Sturgeon Bay, Siri from Chicago.  This just blows me away.

All I can say is this - as you can see from the photos, they are all very talented folks.  It is my humblest wish that they had as much fun taking the class as I had teaching it.  It was so great to see their AMAZING collages - and this is the fun part, to see the collages they created from (mostly) my ephemera.  I never would've thought to do the things they did, but that's the beauty of using old paper - every person sees something totally different.  I LOVE that!  :D

I hope they don't mind, but here are some photos from last night's festivities!  Check out their wonderful collages and give them a big hand!  :D

Sharon turned a cabinet card
into a super-cool Tokyo street
scene and made the tiniest,
coolest collage EVER!  :D

Beth and her AMAZING
 "Science-y" collage!
Siri somehow seemlessly
melded bathing beauties
and a dog food ad - now
THAT takes talent and
a sense of humor!  :D
Kara made two very awesome
retro collages - one with vintage
cars and one with birds!  LOVE 'em!


  1. Everyone's projects look great! Mel, I hope you will teach a class in Fond Du Lac soon!

  2. It was so much fun!
    I want to do more! More!