Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Storing my Stuff

As you can probably surmise from my blog posts (and this photo), I really enjoy collecting my ephemera as much as I love using it in my art.  In the last year or so it has become abundantly clear - I have a lot of stuff.  :D

So much stuff, in fact, that storage was becoming a real issue.  Every drawer, nook and cranny was stuffed to the gills with stuff.  What to do?

Well, some of you reaped the benefits of my overage with the ephemera giveaways that I've been doing this year.  It felt good to know that I could share my stash with like-minded souls.  :D  But even with those, I was still knee-deep in Golden Guides and coloring books (more on those things in later posts!).  So what now?

Enter Super Dave!

Dave is my dad in-law.  He is an extremely talented woodworker.  No, scratch that - he is a craftsman.  He loves making solid wood furniture as much as I love to create art with ephemera.  It has gone beyond the hobby stage into a passion.  This past (very cold!) spring, he was really itching to make something and he's always on us (Brian and me and his brother Rick's family) to find stuff for him to make.  I always felt a little uneasy about asking for something for myself - it just seemed kind of selfish.  But after much cajoling by the whole family, Brian and I finally came up with a blueprint for this cabinet:

From L to R: Rick (Brian's brother), Super Dave, me and Brian.
How lucky am I?  :D
Isn't it spectacular?  And all it cost us was materials.  I just can't believe my good fortune.  I think (nay, I KNOW) this is the most beautiful piece of furniture we own.  I just got it on Saturday, so it still has that wonderful varnish-and-wood smell in my studio.  I began filling it with my excess ephemera on Saturday afternoon and was amazed (or appalled) at not only the amount of stuff I have, but the amount of stuff the drawers can hold!  Why, I could acquire three times what I have now and still be okay!  I can think of some places to go shopping, too (hint - look on the right hand side of your screen)...  

Okay, maybe I should just stick with what I have for the time being.....or not.  :D

Of course, I can never really repay Dave for this amazing gift; all I can do is treasure it for the rest of my life. One good thing is that he knows it's going to be used every single day.  Oh, and if you could send all of your healing thoughts his way today, that would be great - he's having knee surgery as I type.  Yes, he built that cabinet even though he was in a great deal of pain (we begged him to wait on the project, but he insisted - I think it took his mind off of it).  So give my awesome dad in-law a big ol' shout out today!  :D


  1. Absolutely gorgeous and so perfect. There's nothing like something that someone made of wood by hand. Each time you touch it, you will feel the warmth of his hand caring for you!

  2. Love the cabinet. You are really blessed. Praying for quick healing for Dave's knee!

  3. OMG that is so perfect Mel - you really are very lucky - J

  4. What a fabulous treasure--the cabinet, yes, but I really mean the aptly named Super Dave! Blessings for a quick and complete recovery from surgery.

  5. What a great piece of furniture. Lucky you! Best wishes to Super Dave too! I bet he loved making that for you.

  6. That is an amazing piece of work. I love it! Thanks for sharing.