Saturday, June 25, 2011

A Saturday Afternoon Post!

Yes, I know - it's so rare of me to post on the weekend!  But I got the go-ahead so I thought I'd get a head start on the week!

And guess what?  IT'S GIVEAWAY TIME!  :D

Yes, we are once again offering a $20 gift certificate (in the form of a refund) from Don & Chris' Old Stuff Only!  The are in the process of relisting old items and adding a bunch of new ones -it's the PERFECT time to pop on over to their site and see all of the new labels, minis, trading cards, political stuff, and everything else they've got for sale.

Old Stuff Only, if you'll recall, is a wholesaler - which means that you have to amass at least $20 worth of stuff per purchase.  But with prices like theirs?  You should SEE what you'll get for $20, especially if you're buying paper.  It's marvelous!

I want ALL of you to get in on this contest, so I'm going to leave it run until next Friday, July 1, at noon.  I'll draw the name then.  I realize this is the start to a long holiday weekend, so I'll give you until Tuesday, July 5 to respond if you've won - after that, I'll draw another name.

So, here are the rules to the contest:

  • Visit Old Stuff Only's Web site and pick out your favorite item.
  • In the comments below, tell us what that item is
  • "Like" my Facebook page (to the right)
  • Be sure to include your email address in the soandso(at)suchandsuch(dot)com format
That's it!  I hope a lot of you sign up for this awesome giveaway - and have a great weekend!  :D


  1. Here's my favorite item: #MS031 - 1905 Laughing Water Chromolitho Indian Girl Print - It's just beautiful. Thanks for asking, Mel! I just love the old prints.

  2. Mel - there are over 700 pages in their catalog! Thank goodness I could search on Canada - my choice is #SOC002 - Canada Dry Cup
    (LOL). If I win I will look at the whole catalog. Cheers, Jewels

  3. I love the Indian Girl print too! (MSo31)

  4. How does one choose only one favorite? I love it all! Especially the labels. Especially the crate labels with animals. But the one that caught my eye today was the Shamrock Sunkist Lemon Crate Label. Go figure, eh? lol

  5. There is a lot to choose from! But I'm a 70's girl so I like the #ZZA006 - 1975 Bay City Rollers Waxed Trading Card Wrapper. So cool!!

  6. Congratulations to Ann, who just won herself the $20 Old Stuff Only giveaway! :D I'll e-mail you the details, Ann - thanks so much for playing! :D

  7. Hurrah!! Thanks so much!!! I'll be shopping this weekend!!