Friday, June 3, 2011


Brands, clockwise from left: Ted's (named for famed ball
player Ted Williams); My Pop's Root Beer; Kist Imitation
Cherry Soda (I'm sure today it would be called "cherry
flavored") and 2WAY, which would never make it today
for the sheer fact of its double entendre'd name
Firstly, I must apologize for the horrific attempt at the punny title.  It's awful, I know.  Mea culpa.  I suppose I could've gone for the alliterative "obsolete pop"?   :D

It also just occurred to me that perhaps some of you reading this may not know where I'm going with this post!  I grew up in a "pop" household; I'm sure many of you are "soda" people.  Here's the weird thing - in Green Bay, where I lived until I was 28, it was almost always pop.  Here in Fond du Lac, just 70 miles south, it's almost always "soda".  So we're a divided household, as Brian always says "soda".  I guess in Maryland, they use "Coke" as a generic for a soft drink.  So if you're in Maryland and you hear someone order an "orange coke", don't go rushing out to find this newest flavor in the Coke aisle.  :D

Speaking of Coke, back in January I did a post about the collectible side of that brand.  Today, we're going to delve into the "Where are they now?" brands of soft drinks.  Imagine how many of these now-forgotten brands there are (this list will give you a clue)!

Here's one of my favorites - Like.  What a soft sell!  I guess maybe the ad agency/7-Up folks knew that no one would love their product, so they decided to beat the consumer to the punch with the name?  In a quick search online I couldn't find anything about it.  But I do have this awesome waxy sample cup from Old Stuff Only!  I love the logo - easy to read and pleasantly bold.  In this same vein, does anyone remember "OK" soda, which came out in about 1995?  It was supposed to target the Gen-X market - you know, my disaffected, cynical generation.  It sure didn't last long, probably because it tasted TERRIBLE.  I mean, really bad.  But oh, how I wish I would've kept a can or any ephemera I had!  According to Wikipedia, it ceased production before it ever really got off the ground.  Green Bay has always been a proving ground market for new products so maybe I'm one of a handful of people who ever tried it!

This next brand is old.  Really old - it's been around since 1876.  But in its day, it had, well, moxie!  :D  I was surprised to learn that it's still in production, although its popularity is fairly regional (mostly in Maine, where it was invented).  This logo is the bee's knees.  I love that they've kept it basically the same for over 90 years.  Here's an example of Coke's strength - it was their gaining popularity that forced Moxie out of the big market.

I think this next brand may be my favorite of all the obsolete ones I own - Patio!  Isn't that a great name?  I don't know if this is what the Pepsi people were going for but when I see the FANTASTIC logo and hear the name, I immediately think of swingin' patio parties in the backyard or shindigs on the beach.  You know, the kind of party where the women are dressed in capris and the guys are wearing those great old tacky-printed casual shirts?  Of course, there's a cookout and hip new music by the Dave Clark Five that everyone can dance to.  And since Patio is Diet, why, you can have a couple with that juicy hamburger (incidentally, "Patio" eventually became "Diet Pepsi".  I like "Patio" better).  :D  If you watch Mad Men, you may remember that Sterling Cooper had a bid on the Patio account but lost it because the client didn't like the Ann Margaret/"Bye Bye Birdie"-style TV ad they designed.

All of this talk of obsolete brands makes me wonder which of the brands out there now will not be remembered in 20 years.  I'm going to place a bet on the flooded "energy drink" market - in 2030 these are going to be hilarious.  Also, Vitamin Water - I'm looking in your direction.  Enjoy your fame now, because I fear it's fleeting (anyone remember Fruitopia?  I rest my case).

I don't have a lot of art with these brands in them, but I will eventually!  Here are two examples:

Notice the "Like" logo in the upper left? :D

Yeah, I know I just used this ATC as
an example last Friday!  :D

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  1. I love to use the bottle caps from the Magic Hat beer my husband drinks. They have fortunes on them! Some of them are lame but some of them have pretty good sayings to use in my collages. :)