Thursday, June 23, 2011

Look what I Found! :D

I ventured out in the rain yesterday and visited Gallery & Frame Shop because I had to get the collages I purchased from Randel Plowman framed (more on that fun day in a later post!).  I also had to return some of my own work that I had brought home to photograph - almost all of my work for sale is now at this wonderful store and I couldn't be more thrilled!  :D

I wasn't planning on visiting the Fond du Lac Antique Mall but they're right next door to the Gallery & Frame Shop and I had some time to kill.  What a fortuitous visit!

I got all sorts of wonderful old teachers' edition textbooks from the Forties with MARVELOUS illustrations that I know I'll be using in my work - some of the books were only a BUCK (love that)!

But then, as I was perusing another shelf, I saw a nondescript folder that looked to have quite a bit of stuff in it.  I took it out and....


(Cue choir of Ephmera Angels singing)

I knew I had hit the mother lode.

Yes, ALL of these books (including TWO copies of the "Alexander Graham Bell" booklet) were included in the folder and I got the entire set for....$7.50.  :D  WOO HOO!!!

My guess is that someone worked at the telephone company and this was their introductory packet.  Either that, or Wisconsin Bell (as it came to be known until 1982) handed out these marvelous folders to everyone who had the phone connected in their home - maybe even as a "new home" welcome pack?  Either way, how cool is it that someone had the wherewithal to keep the folder and its contents intact?!

Oh boy.  See, this is the type of ephemera that teeters on the line between using and collecting....I mean, it's so complete!  If it were one of the booklets, no problem!  But the whole set?!  I'll have to snoop around and see how rare that is.  The illustrations are marvelous and I have an idea in mind - so tell me:  what do YOU think?  Should I use them?  Should I not?  I'd love your input!

UPDATE:  I did indeed use one of the booklets - The Magic of Communication fell at the hands of my X-Acto knife.  :D  Here's the piece I created:

The operator is what I cut out of the book; but I created a stitched "triptych" using a schematic from the book, too!  It's one of my favorite pieces I've ever done.  :D


  1. I would investigate the value, and then probably use them. So cool!

  2. Wow. That's a super-cool find! I would guess it could have some decent value, but it might hard work getting in tune with the right collectors, who are probably a very niche group. ... I think you should just do your thing with it, and turn it into something even more unique and wonderful. Someday, YOUR creation will become the collectible.

  3. I love when paper chase days turn out like this. It's not often, but that's what makes them so special. Good for you, Mel!

  4. Thank you all! I'm ashamed to tell you that I behaved like a junky when I found this - when I discovered it I quickly squirreled away to a faraway corner of the store so no one would see me peering at it. I just plunked myself on the floor and probably spent 10 minutes marveling at my good fortune. :D

  5. Yes don't you just love when that happens! I need to share my recent motherlode from the Recycling Center. You at least need to share some of the graphics if you decide to squirrel away. In my experience though, once the self enduced euphorea (LOL - don't think I spelt that right) is over you will come around and do something artsy with it :> Jewels