Thursday, June 16, 2011

For the Birds

Birds.  Never thought much of 'em, until I started walking on my favorite trail and I would hear their beautiful songs.  If I were feeling particularly contemplative that day, I'd stop and just listen for awhile.

My doggie Dudley REALLY notices birds - and they're terrorized because of it!  If I ever take Dudley for a walk on my favorite trail, I won't be able to contemplate any bird calls because they will have all skedaddled, unless they're perched high in the treetops.  :D

It's amazing to me how much bird ephemera is out there, too - stamps, books, brochures, magazines, just everyday stuff - check out the image above!  They're EVERYWHERE!

I started to realize that birds are one of my favorite collage subjects, too.  As far back as 2007 I was making art with birds  - doesn't seem like a long time but considering I didn't start creating art until 2006 it's a good percentage of that time.

Here are some pieces I've done using our fine feathered friends:

I started looking through all of my bird collages and I got an idea - why not make a Blurb book out of them?  I had just bought a Groupon (for free!) for money toward making a book so I tried my hand at it.  And here's a preview of that book!  :D

I'm happy to say that I also made my first sale today - a HUGE
shout-out goes to Eileen Schwanke, who bought my book
as a birthday present to herself!  Thanks so much, Eileen!  :D


  1. Lovely Mel - unfortunately your "book" is not available :(... I know what you mean though = birds ARE popular...J

  2. Thanks Jewels! :D And I fixed it so you can see the book now! :D