Wednesday, June 8, 2011

The Ephemeral in Miniature

Ever since I can remember, I've loved tiny things.  If those tiny things happen to represent something real in miniature, then its awesomeness factor is increased by ten.

Take, for example, miniature packaging.  I adore it.  I'm sure my fondness began way back when I was about 7 or 8 and my sister and I inherited some of my Grammie's and great aunts' toys from the 30s.  One of the most AMAZING items was this play grocery store.  Isn't it marvelous?!  It's pretty rusty, which is no surprise considering it was first in an attic for probably 40 years and then in a damp basement for another 20.  I can't believe how well those little cardboard boxes have held up - the Kraft American Cheese, Domino Sugar, Gold Dust powder, Wrigley's gum and HRH cleaner are all original to the set (or at least, they're from the 30s as well).  I added some of my own food in the 70s, like the "Lunt's" tomato sauce and the Rice Krispies box.  I just recently added some new finds as well.  Mine probably isn't worth much considering the condition but I've seen this same exact store go for hundreds of dollars on Ebay.

I also have been collecting these marvelous little die cuts for a couple of years now - these are one of my favorite items I own.  These are one of those things that I can't believe exists at all, out of sheer coolness.  If you've noticed, most play food no longer contains brand names.  So the fact that I have these, combined with the super cool vintage logos, just plain old makes me happy.  Sometimes I just get them out and look at them!  :D

Here is another fun grocery store setup, this time from 1965!  Once again, I am in awe of the fantastic vintage logos - but some of these I actually remember!  This set is a little more common and hence a little cheaper to purchase online.  I love how comprehensive it is!  I have also added some German and French play food that I got at estate sales or online.  I think it's kind of neat that other cultures like "play food" as well - I wonder how many other languages I can find?

And of COURSE, I love creating with them, those die cuts especially!

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  1. I also love miniatures! I had lots of those little porcelain animals (and other things) that came glued on the cardstock with the price.
    Your grocery miniatures are awesome!!