Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Behold - the Power of Cheese!

Did you know that June is Dairy Month?  Yep, this is the month where we crown the latest "Alice in Dairyland" (no, this is not a joke!).

I did a post about our love of dairy products back in May of '10, but I never got into the insane appetite for cheese.  Man, do we love our cheese!

Seriously, most of the time I would rather have a slice of gourmet cheese than dessert.  Wisconsin supplies much of the cheese for certain companies that one may assume are French, like President.  There is a website called The Cheese and Burger Society (narrated by "Puddy" himself, Patrick Warburton) that highlights the amazing ways to transform a burger with various Wisconsin cheeses.  We just do it right, here!  They don't call us "The Dairy State" for nothin'!  :D

We still have some great little cheese factories around these parts, like Vern's in Chilton, Steve's Cheese in Denmark (a little southeast of Green Bay); and Simon's Cheese in Appleton.  It's very heartening to see these factories thrive, even in this economy.  In fact, Vern's just opened a beautiful new shop last year.  Like I said - we love our cheese!

Check out these beautiful cheese labels - many of these are European but there are a few that are American.  It seems to me that 60-70 years ago cheese was not as ubiquitous as it is today.  I'm sure fast food (and the restaurant industry as a whole) has helped in that regard - have you noticed that EVERYTHING seems to be smothered in cheese nowadays?  Nachos, burgers, salads with shredded cheese, meat stuffed with cheese, cheesy potatoes, mac & cheese, Cheddar biscuits - you get the idea.  Oh, and for dessert?  Cheesecake! :D

I love this old Kraft recipe book from 1942 - isn't it wonderful?  It's illustrated throughout - no photos.  This cheese tray illustration caught my eye; just the thing the perfect hostess would serve as an elegant dessert (but it's all Kraft products!).  Some of the recipes are better left unseen, though - the "cheese loaf" was especially unappealing.   Speaking of Kraft products - aren't these old labels the BEST?  :D
I also love making artwork with my cheese ephemera - because really, no one can resist the cheese.  :D


  1. LOL Mel - I recently picked up an old book on the art of cheese making! Some great images but have not decided how to use yet - you've inspired me! J

  2. Jewels, I can't wait to see the art you've created from your cheesemaking book! That's going to be AWESOME. :D I'm glad my post inspired you! :D