Friday, May 20, 2011

Spreading the Ephemeraology Gospel!

I have another workshop today - this time, I'm teaming up with my friend and colleague Suze Fiebig (yep, the same Suze who gave me all of the amazing Chinese books!) for "High Interest Day" at a local elementary school.  We'll be making ATCs (for the uninitiated, Artist Trading Cards) with the kindergarten-5th graders.  It should be a hoot!  Suze has been doing this for a couple of years now and I was able to join her this year.

Tomorrow evening is the gala and auction fundraiser for Art Attack!, the non-profit organization where I taught my "Intro to ATCs" class back in March.  I can't wait - this group of energetic artists really has their stuff together and are making a difference in their little town of Chilton and the surrounding area!

On  July 28th, my "Collage like an Ephemeraologist" workshop kicks off Inspire my Life, a wonderful 4-day weekend retreat created by my friend Kim Geiser.  Here is another energetic artist who is, along with other like-minded souls, really making a splash in Manitowoc.  I am thrilled and honored to be a part of this REALLY cool event (incidentally, if you'd like to attend, you can read all about it and register here).

Why am I telling you all of this?  Well, I just got to thinking about all of the places I've done/will be doing workshops this year and it dawned on me that I really love what I do.

Oh, I mean I KNOW I love it but just going through my daily routines I may not have fully realized what I've done:  I have hand-crafted a life filled with paper.  I love it so much that I want to spread the word.  I want others to see old papers and say, "COOL!  I never thought of using those in artwork before!".  I hope I inspire people to look at art a different way and maybe try something new.  I want people to realize that even if they don't consider themselves "artists" (a moniker I shunned myself for many years), they ARE artists.  And perhaps working with "unconventional" art materials like vintage checks will boost their confidence about creating original works of art themselves in a manner that I couldn't have imagined.  Maybe a light bulb will go off when they discover that they don't necessarily have to know how to draw to be an Artist!

I received this beautiful ATC made of napkins in the mail from Jen (RubyDragon), one of the ephemera pack winners here on the blog.  Isn't it fantastic?!  She also included the most wonderful note (and it arrived on a day when I needed to hear that!).  Not only was I thrilled to receive the beautiful card, but it made me so happy to hear that this blog had inspired her.  Thank you so much, Jennifer, for the awesome gift!  I appreciate that so much.

And thank you all for loyally reading and following the blog!  Being here five days a week fuels my ephemera passion and gives ME confidence to teach others what I know - that you can "take the discarded and make it arted".  :D


  1. Oh wow I can't believe you put it on here! You are most welcome. I'm glad you liked it and that the note reached just when you needed it :)
    Your workshops sound like fun! I'll be watching for the post!

  2. Jennifer - I HAD to! It's too beautiful not to. :D Thank you so much for making my day on Thursday with your wonderful letter - I appreciate it so much! :D