Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Math and Me

Oh, Math.  You made my life a living hell for three years.  You made me doubt my ability for rational thought.  You kept me awake nights, worrying if I'd ever get through the next day.  You got me in trouble with mom and dad one semester, when I flunked you and was grounded from TV for four months.  You were utterly confounding and nonsensical.

Until you weren't.  Then I actually liked you, a little.  You definitely grew on me and when I could learn more about you on MY terms, you didn't seem so bad at all.  All the heartache drifted away when I bought my own workbook in my 30s and rediscovered you in my own way.  I am very happy to say that sometimes I actually get you.

Through our tumultuous relationship, I always wanted to understand what you had to say.  Why did you have to be so cryptic?  Yet you continued to reel me in with your sexy curves and matter-of-fact lines, your ability to be acute AND obtuse, and your logic.  I'm glad I gave you a chance.

Now, almost 30 years later, we're stronger than ever.  I respect you more than ever (Brian has a lot to do with that).  I may rely on you for different reasons but you allow me to use you for art's sake, and that's quite a sacrifice for someone who always has to be right.  I love that I can take your books and use them at will, and I'll never forget you for it.

Thanks to you, my collages look more put-together.  Thank you, Math, for coming through for me when I needed you most.



  1. I too can relate to the math thing. I made an entire altered book about my relationship with math.

  2. I'd love to see that book, Laura! :D