Friday, May 27, 2011

Fire up the Grill!

Here in the U.S. (and Canada too, I believe), it's Memorial Day weekend!  I'm going to bet that a great deal of people took the day off today so that they could have a 4-day weekend.  It's also the "unofficial" start of summer, but you'd never know it in these parts - we dipped down to 41 degrees this morning!!!

Nevertheless, one will be able to smell that overwhelmingly powerful smell of nostalgia this weekend in the form of meat on the grill.  Besides the smell of freshly cut grass tinged with gasoline, is there any more perfect summer smell than a cook-out?

The cook-out (or grilling out or bar-b-que) that we know is really not that old - it's definitely a post-WWII suburban  phenomenon.  Almost right from the start, if you believe all of the ads and cookbooks, it was the man's job. Perhaps it has something to do with the primitive "I make fire!"-mentality?  I don't know.  But even in my quasi-feminist household it was ALWAYS my dad's job and he never would've relinquished it.  If dad wasn't up to grilling then we just didn't grill (to be fair, I don't think Mom was interested, either).

Check out the photos - see what I mean about the old print advertising perpetuating this idea?  Mom stays inside and does everything else but Dad's the hero when those T-bones come a-sizzlin' off the grill.  And because nostalgia is indifferent to gender inequality, I'm going to come right out and admit that it tugs at the ol' heartstrings when I see ads like this.  Why?  Ask my past-soaked brain.  :D

And I LOVE making artwork that perpetuates this stereotype/myth/reality (check one or all that apply to your own situation)!

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  1. I love this blog post Mel. How true it is! In keeping with the theme, here is a clip I think you will enjoy:)

  2. Julie, this is absolutely PRICELESS!!! Thank you so much for sending this my way - Brian and I were in TEARS. :D

  3. thanks for a great post-

    here is the piece I just did on barbeque in 3D

  4. So cute, Pam - is that a Rement grill? :D