Monday, May 9, 2011

Even my Mom in-law's in on it!

Last Thursday we celebrated Brian's birthday at his parents' house.  I, however, was the one who got the gift!  Check it out:

Isn't it marvelous?  I just love it.  Do I have a great mom in-law, or what?  :D

My mom in-law Rose is a champion garage-saler.  She has found fantastic bargains on everything from housewares to clothes to fabric.  Last week, she discovered this newspaper magazine from the Milwaukee Journal, circa 1954 (Milwaukee had two papers:  the Journal  and the Sentinel.  In 1995, amidst much bitterness and hostility, the two papers merged.  It's now called the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel).

V-8 vegetable juice
I love what great shape it's in!  When we were looking through it last Thursday, everyone was amazed at the staying power of the brands advertised, 57 years later:

Bayer Aspirin

I've always loved comparing logos to their vintage counterparts, even as a kid (more on that in a later post!).  It's truly amazing that nearly 3 generations later and these products not only exist, but are thriving.  

There is a blog that I love for just this reason:  Different but the Same.  Michelle takes product logos from the 70s and 80s and compares them to their new logos.  The best part?   You get to vote for your favorite - old or new (nine times out of ten I pick the old one, of course!).  Try it for yourself but be forewarned - you're going to waste some time there.  :D

I also love using old logos in my art!  Here are some examples:


  1. Very cool Mel. I too like looking and comparing the name brands. Wish my MIL was a thrifter like yours! (PS Giveaway arrived while I was on vacation - thanks so much!) Jewels

  2. Thanks Jewels! And I'm glad your package arrived safe n' sound - hope you had a wonderful time in Canada! :D