Tuesday, May 31, 2011


We all know that life can be unexpected - that was certainly true for Brian and me yesterday!

Much to our amazement, we are now proud Pomeranian parents.  :D  It happened so suddenly that we didn't really have time to process it; in retrospect, that's a good thing.  This wonderful doggie friend, whose name is Dudley, is approximately nine years old and had been adopted from a shelter by neighbors of my sister's about 2 years ago.  Apparently, the daughter who adopted it soon moved out and left Dudley with her parents and younger siblings, who already had two big dogs and really couldn't take care of him.  My sister Jen would be on walks with their own dog Jo-Jo and see Dudley in the garage, where he was kept.

Yesterday, though, Jen saw that he was loose.  She texted me that she was very sad about this, as she noticed he was in DESPERATE need of a good grooming and haircut.  But she also realized what a sweet boy he is!  She actually inquired whether they were willing to sell, and they seemed relieved to find out that he may have a new home!

Dudley, pre-grooming (he goes today!)
It took some gentle persuading to get Brian to acquiesce but we finally agreed that if everything fell into place, we would take him.  Everything did, and that's how Dudley came to be ours.

I've always loved doggies but growing up in an apartment, they were never an option (we had guinea pigs instead).  I feel very fortunate to have Dudley be a part of our lives for the rest of his life.  It already feels like he's been here forever!

I really don't have much doggie ephemera, but that may be because doggie ephemera is a pretty recent phenomenon!  From what I can gather, owning a dog in the mid-20th century was a very common occurrence but dogs weren't worshiped like they are now.  They got canned dog food and that was it.  No fancy dog clothes, no special dog beds, no scents especially formulated for them, no water purifiers - just plain old Alpo (or Pard, whatever that is!).  To be perfectly honest, I'm still in the "simple is better" mode, but I greatly fear that I could become one of those dog owners who tote their pup everywhere and construct shrines to it.  I need Brian to be strong and tether me to Earth so that doesn't happen.  :D

I do love using dogs in my artwork and I will probably start doing more of it.  I'm starting to realize what owning a dog can do to you - it's not only a change in lifestyle but a new hobby as well.  Vive les chiens! :D


  1. YAY Sara! :D I am SO happy to have our special little guy! :D

  2. Yay! I love happy endings. Sounds like fate brought you together. Enjoy!

  3. I'm a cat person, but I have to say, what a cutie, and intelligent-looking, too!

    Happy endings always make me happy, too, and I'm glad you found each other.

  4. Thanks Laura & Anne! I think he's going to be a wonderful addition to our family, and happier here than his other home. I think it's a lot quieter here! :D