Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Tissue? I hardly know you! :D

*GROAN*  Sorry about that!  :D

What is my favorite part of Easter?  Well, aside from the incredible buffet of homemade treats from Brian's parents, it has to be the box of Hughes candies that my sister in-law Kristin and I get from our mom in-law every year.  It has become tradition, which is okay with me!

Another wonderful thing is the wrapping from those boxes - they always arrive in cute gift bags with matching tissue paper!  Kristin could care less about the wrapping so I always come away with the coolest design - here is this year's offering:  I can't wait to create something with it!  :D

You've probably surmised by now that yes, I collect commercially printed tissue paper.  I love it because it's so versatile; I use it in my artwork all the time.  It's fantastic as a top-off when a project just needs that little something.  And when the tissue is printed, the possibilities are endless!

I've gotten my tissue from so many places over the years - leftover from holiday festivities; shoe boxes and shirt wrappings; vintage invitations; high-end stores; specialty shops and ephemera packs.  Once you notice tissue paper, you'll see it EVERYWHERE.  Because it's nearly transparent it can be very subtle, and a little goes a long way.

This kind of ephemera is one of my favorites because it's almost always a bonus with a purchase, or better yet - FREE!

Here are just a few ways that I've used commercial tissue in my work:

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