Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Teeny Tiny Photos!

In keeping with the library theme, I'll ask for a show of hands - how many of you remember microfiche?

I do - sort of.  I was in high school in the Eighties and even then we weren't using it as a resource.  I know I didn't learn how to use the machine, but I also wasn't in the A/V Club or on the yearbook staff.  I'm sure they learned.

Believe it or not, our newspaper is being processed on microfiche to this day.  Part of my job when I worked there was to load up three months' worth of papers at a time and send them to the processor, who would shrink the pages down to .25% of its original size.  It still is really useful, especially when doing a genealogy project - even on the Internet most papers make you pay to see articles older than a week and most don't have the REALLY old papers in their archives.

Plus, there is something so cool about seeing these teeny, tiny pages!  I love the detail that you can still make out, even at this tiny size (and sometimes in the negative).  The fiche to the right is probably from a men's magazine or car-related, judging by the ads.  The microfiche that I'm showing here is relatively new - only about 20 years old.  I'd love to get my hands on the really old stuff!  Hmm....I wonder if our library has any for sale.....  :D

And of course, I think it looks great in artwork!  I haven't done much with it (yet), but I'd love to do a 3-D piece with it somehow.  Oh, the possibilities....

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