Friday, April 8, 2011

Junk Drunk

Did you ever have a shopping trip that made you feel like you were in the right place at the right time?  You know the kind - you have a specific item in mind and not only do you find it, but it's the perfect color AND it's 50% off?

I had one of those days yesterday.  :D

I wasn't planning on taking a trip to one of my favorite places (the Fox Valley Antique Mall) yesterday, but I was headed in that direction anyway to see one of my Besties from high school, Robin, who I hadn't seen in NINE years!  (Before you get to thinking that I'm much younger than I am, we're actually having our 25th high school reunion this year, but it's been nine years since I've seen Robin).  Turns out her house is very conveniently located only about 10 minutes away from the antique mall.  I wanted to head up early because it's the beginning of Construction Season in my region - oh, it's bad right now, and Appleton is about 40 miles away. 

I only head up to the antique mall once or twice a year - on purpose. I want to leave time in between so that new stock comes in.  It seems like every booth had amazing new (old) items and the prices were ridiculously cheap.  So, here's some of my loot:

Here is a full sheet of UN stamps that I found with an order form attached to order more.  Isn't it kind of weird how you never really hear about the UN anymore?  It seems like they're needed now more than ever.  I've always loved that beautiful blue flag and I also think it would be really cool to visit the UN building in New York someday. 

Okay, here is a MAJOR coup for me - approximately 375 Cohen's Department Store premium stamps PLUS the receipt for the purchase of said stamps - and it includes this marvelous store logo.  Even better?  Cohen's Department Store was in Green Bay - my hometown.  I'm sure my mom remembers the store, since her parents moved to Green Bay in 1955 and my mom was 13 in 1959.  I wish I could ask my dad about it - he definitely would've remembered the store as he was 39 in 1959.  Because there are so many stamps I can bring myself to use them but that receipt?  I don't know - that may be one for the "untouchable" pile.  :D

Check out this "Midwinter" Sears catalog from 1947!  It's in pretty rough shape - the cover is nearly falling off - but it's just packed with great items (including this home pasteurizer - SERIOUSLY?!).  I remember that, at least in our family, Sears was the ONLY place to get tools (and much to our dismay in middle school, school clothes.  Sears wasn't exactly "high fashion" in the 80s). 

Last but not least, here's a complete set of paper dolls and their clothes - most of the clothes aren't even punched out yet.  Isn't it AWESOME???  I am always on the lookout for good paper doll clothes and I definitely hit the jackpot here.  The kids' heads are martian-sized, but other than that it's really cool (or maybe because of that).  There are six dolls - two boys and four girls.  The copyright on the box says 1966 but the clothes look really outdated for that time - they look to me to be late 50s.  It says it was printed in the USA, so my Japanese theory doesn't hold up either.  But no mind - for $3.75, I am SO lucky!!

I had that "junk drunk" (that's an "American Pickers" saying) feeling yesterday while shopping - I love that feeling.  I'm already planning collages using my newfound wealth of ephemera.  Stay tuned....

Here are some pieces I've done previously using stuff I found at antique stores in the area:


  1. A very inspiring write-up Mel (and really fun to read). I'm sure it is going to make many ephemeraholics head out for a junk-drunk binge this weekend! :-)

  2. Thanks so much, Frank! :D There really is nothing like stumbling on to so much good stuff - WELL worth the money hangover the next day (although, I have a confession to make - all of this stuff PLUS a whole packet of cooking brochures, a whole box of Yahtzee score pads, a map of Chicago and some Red Cross pins came to a TOTAL of $34 - and that's with tax. So I think I came out okay). :D

  3. Mel I wish I could have got junk drunk with you - when the stars align and you have one of those days you just want to pump your arm and yell YES! Great stash...J

  4. Love the goodies you scored Mel, especially the paper dolls!!....I have such an obsession for paper dolls, especially the older ones. I used to play with them for hours when I was a little girl in the 60's and wish I had saved them til now. Enjoy creating with your new stash!

  5. Oh my gosh, yes I know that feeling ... isnt' it wonderful?! So glad you had a great time ... wonderful finds!

  6. Jewels, Fantasia and Trina - sounds like you've all experienced being "junk drunk" yourselves! :D It's fun when your excitement of this kind of stuff is completely understood by others! :D