Wednesday, April 20, 2011

From the "What in the World?" Department

Every now and then we Ephemeraologists come across something that is so unusual, we just have to own it (okay, maybe the "every now and then" is a little more frequent than I'd care to admit).  Today's example of this type of ephemera is below:

Isn't this odd?  I got a lot of about 20 of them.  Using my deductive powers (and Bing's translator), I'm going to guess that the top says: "Illustration (Ear, Nose, Throat)".  Am I right?  :D

I would love to know the back story of these!  Are they part of the curriculum for some university class?  Or are they for even younger students?  Because it says "Karte (card) Nr" and "Name" in the upper left, it makes me think that it was for a school project or class.  But who knows?  We do know that they're from the 20th century because of the 19__, and judging from the font and design of the sheets I'm going to guess that they're from the Thirties or maybe even earlier.  Any later than that and we're venturing into Third Reich times, which may have had propaganda attached and a stronger font (scary to think about that).  And post-war, I would imagine that a more modern font would have been in use.

Because I have so many of them, I will definitely use them in a collage.  Maybe I could title it, "Ears to You".  Too punny?  :D

Stay tuned!  :D


  1. Guess what?! My step-daughter's boyfriend draws medical illustrations - probably not this one, but how cool!

  2. What an awesome job that would be, Annie! Lucky him! :D