Friday, April 15, 2011

....and Taxes.

Note:  This is the second in my two-part series entitled "The only two certainties in this world".  I'm sure you all knew this one was coming, especially because it's April 15.  :D   

Happy Tax Day!  Actually, we here in the U.S. got a little break this year - because today is Emancipation Day the tax due date has been pushed back to this coming Monday the 18th.  I wonder what some of you will be doing this weekend?  :D

Did you know that income tax, in the way we know it anyway, has only been around since 1917? There were many ways to tax the American people before that but as far as the form we fill out today, it's a fairly new invention.

It does feel like we pay more for taxes but honestly, (small political alert here) I would pay more to ensure our roads, schools, institutions and infrastructure are in tip-top shape.  Yes, even our schools - I never understood the argument that because I don't have kids, I shouldn't have to pay for someone else's kids' education.  It benefits EVERYONE to have top-notch schools - you really want your neighborhood overrun by truants and juvies?  Nope, me neither.

Okay, I'm done.  :D  On to the ephemeral aspect of tax stuff - I LOVE it!  There's something so "official" looking about government forms - they're so serious.  No Gigi or Joker fonts on these forms!  No frivolous clip art here!  No colorful decorations, either - just straight-up bureaucracy at work (except for the GORGEOUS tax stamps shown here from Ohio - aren't they marvelous?!).   There are so many different kinds of tax items to collect, too - property tax, sales tax, tax tokens, tax stamps, estate tax, inheritance tax, sin tax - it's all good!

Call me crazy, but I've always loved busy paperwork.  My favorite jobs were those where I did "menial" tasks like filing, data entry, reconciliation, etc.  I love stacks of paper and was a happy worker bee when I had stacks of work to do.  Now that I get to "make art" every day, the paper presents itself in different ways, but I'm always the most productive when I have a lot to do.

And what better example of "busy paperwork" is your 1040 statement?  In my first marriage I did the taxes most of the years we were together, and I actually enjoyed doing them.  It was a real sense of accomplishment sending in that envelope (this was before Turbo Tax), regardless of whether we got a refund or we owed.  I always did them the first week in February so we wouldn't have to worry about them.  Now, my wonderful dad in-law does them for us, because he likes to and he has the time (YIPPEEE!!!).  The peace of mind knowing they're done and we got our refunds ages ago is a very comforting feeling.

Hey, we'll never be without taxation of some kind or another, so why not embrace it and find something to like about it?  I show my optimism via my art.  :D


  1. You know, I didn't think anybody could make tax paperwork beautiful. You learn something new every day...

  2. Anne, what a lovely thing to say! Thank you so much! :D