Saturday, March 12, 2011

Saturday Night Flashback - Supermarket Sweep!

Starting tonight, I'm going to try something new for Saturdays, like they do on oldies radio stations - the Saturday Night Flashback!  :D

Every Saturday night, I'll be reposting a blog entry from the archives, usually one that is pertinent to the artwork I happen to be creating at the time (I have to admit - I tend to really like certain themes).  :D 

Tonight's Flashback brings us aaaall the way back to October of '10 and my love of the grocery store (I'm actually surprised it took me until October to talk about it!).  This is a theme that recurs quite regularly with me - I am in love with the notion of the mid-century supermarket.  Indeed, it was the middle of the 20th century that saw the greatest innovation in food shopping:  frozen foods, large stores, help-yourself shelves, checkout girls, conveyor belts, store brands - the list goes on and on.

Just last week, I finished this large (for me, anyway) work, entitled "Shopping Day" - it measures 11X14" (when you're used to 2.5X3.5" or 4X4s, that IS large).  I used my favorite pieces in my collection for the collage - pieces I thought would evoke the experience of grocery shopping circa 1956.  I hope I succeeded.  :D

Anyhoo, enjoy this blast from the past!

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