Thursday, March 10, 2011

Mechanically Inclined

About three months ago I did a post about this enormous pile of ephemera that my friend Carolyn gave me from a gentleman who worked at Westinghouse for many years.  That post was really to thank her for thinking of me (and she in turn thanked ME for getting it out of her house!).

But I got to thinking about how much ephemera I have that deals with the mechanics of things.  This fascinates me, because my brain just doesn't work this way.  I wish I were more mechanically inclined but alas - halfway through the most basic instructions for assembling anything more difficult than a Cracker Jack toy, my brain explodes.  :D

Still, I LOVE the look of schematics and blueprints and diagrams!  There's something about all of the lines and arrows and notations that's so aesthetically pleasing.  I have no idea what they mean, but when it comes to art, it doesn't matter! 

Which is why I really enjoy using these blueprints and schematics in my art:


  1. I do so covet your blueprint collection, Mel! And I especially like your piece with the draftsman and the blueprint blue background!

  2. Wonderful stuff! At one time we added blueprints into our ephemera packs - I forgot all about them - wow! And look how wonderful your work is - Yet Again!

  3. Thanks for your very nice comments about my work, Eileen & Annie! :D And aren't blue (or green!)prints wonderful? :D

  4. Oh, these are just so great!! Love what you've done with them.