Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Let your Ephemera Flag Fly!

I'm an  ephemera geek and I'm proud of it.  Something tells me that many of you reading this "geek out" to ephemera as well.  And you know what?  That's okay - in fact, it's encouraged here!  Let's talk paper!

When I was a kid, about the only thing that held my interest in Geography class was the unit on the Flags of Nations.  I loved seeing all the different color combos and styles. I guess I was a minimalist as a kid, because my favorite flags were the Canadian flag (for more than one reason) and the beautiful simplicity of the Japanese flag.  But I also thought the penant-shaped Cuban flag was cool too.  Or maybe I just liked these flags because I new I'd get them right on the test.  :D

It is an abstract idea, if you think about it - the boundaries that the world agrees on are completely arbitrary.  They're just political boundaries, not physical boundaries.  Think of how many wars have started because of those imaginary lines.  As a kid, I always wondered why I had to pledge allegiance to the flag, when I didn't ask to be born here.  That's not a political statement, just childhood curiosity.

But since we'll probably always have flags, why not make 'em cool-looking?  I'm partial to the pretty blue ones, like Israel's and Greece's.  And isn't it odd how many countries use the red-white-blue color combo?  Think about it - the US, France, Great Britian, Australia, Thailand, Paraguay...the list goes on. 

I love collecting pages, stickers, stamps and actual little flags meant for cupcakes or other food decoration.  They're usually pretty cheap and they're just cool.  Here are some "silk" flags that are new/old stock and are pretty easy to find, for the time being, anyway.  They're just so fun!

And I love using them in my artwork!  Nothing gets your point across about a particular country better than a flag!  :D

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  1. I always loved the flag pages in the Atlas - I was sooooo tempted to cut them out but I knew Mom would not be happy. (And when Mama ain't happy...). These are cool, Mel!